ADHD can actually be an ability and not a disability. What are the positives that come with the condition and how can you leverage them to benefit your business? On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored we are joined by David Greenwood, who shares on his book Overcoming Distractions, and gives us an insight into ADHD through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

Successful people with ADHD focus on their strengths and push off their weaknesses. -David Greenwood

Takeaways + Tactics

The positive side of ADHD is creativity.

Stay in your lane: successful people with ADHD focus on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses.

Procrastination isn’t a time management issue, it’s an emotional coping strategy.


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Positives of ADHD

At the start of the show, David shared how he unexpectedly started his career in PR, and why your true calling doesn’t reveal itself immediately. Next, we got into his book, and he shared why and how he wrote it, and the positives of ADHD. David also spoke about how we should look at procrastination and why it isn’t always a bad thing. We also shared why the best leaders don’t harp on their people when they don’t get things done.

We also shared insights on;

  • The PR practices that are most effective
  • Why people need to be everywhere
  • Tactics for turning ADHD into an advantage
  • The book writing and publishing process

Advantageous ADHD

ADHD can actually be an advantage to entrepreneurs. It allows for greater creativity and the chance to hone in on your strengths, and build a business on what you really like. In marketing, people with ADHD can benefit from putting out content that suits their personality and attracts people like them. The keys to overcoming the distractions are routine, time management, getting enough sleep, exercising and when things go wrong – focus on fixing the system, not feeling bad about not getting things done.

Guest Bio

David is a PR expert, speaker and author the of Overcoming Distractions. He had the honor of gaining a vast amount of communications experience from serving as director of communications for Special Olympics Massachusetts. In his first year, he helped the organization gain more television news spots and positive press coverage then they had seen in years. David has been in front of more TV cameras and microphones than most communications professionals see in an entire career and he take that experience to each client. Go to for more information.

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