A lot of people think that growth is about getting bigger, but it’s also about getting better. How do you hire high drive people without training your competition? How do leaders stop themselves from losing touch with their people? What are the things an organization needs to succeed? On this episode, Marcus Davis shares on increasing efficiency and driving automation.

At the end of the day, when you have structure, accountability and process, the whole becomes better than the sum of the parts. -Marcus Davis

Takeaways + Tactics

A company needs structure and process and accountability to succeed.

There were 3200 private mortgage brokers before the meltdown, now there are about 800.

Build a relationship where you’re adding value to your partner’s business versus just getting money.



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Efficiency + Automation

At the start of the show, Marcus shared on his organization and the power of increasing efficiency and driving automation. He talked about how the private brokerage landscape has changed since the market crash, and the importance of structure, process and accountability. Towards the end of the show, we discussed the greatness tracker and why everybody needs to have a boss.

We also shared insights on;

  • How to hire driven people without training your competition
  • Why relationships have a lot to do with adding value
  • How not to lose touch with your people as a leader
  • Why companies need to know why they exist

Sales Is Math

Sales is really a mathematical equation, and about your grit and willingness to surrender to that process week in, week out. A high functioning company needs to have the structure, process and accountability, without these pieces it can’t succeed. Increasing efficiency and accountability allows you to grow better not just bigger. The playbook starts with a major question, as an organization, why do we exist?

Guest Bio

Marcus is the VP of Sales at Summit Funding. Go to http://summitfunding.net/ for more information.

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