Do you know what the perfect follow up plan is? Do you know how to react when someone you don’t know asks for a viewing? Just how important is positive thinking and visualization in your real estate career? In this episode we answer these questions and more as we impart expert real estate knowledge.

If you practice for the real thing, when the real thing shows up you will be able to tackle it and conquer it much more effectively and efficiently. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

It’s important to visualize success and go over scenarios in your head with role playing so that when it comes to the crunch you will be ready.

Follow up with people by using postcards and phone calls over the first 8 weeks, it will take that long to put you in their mind.

Gifts can be great in follow ups and listing presentations, but try and personalize it to the person by doing some research on their interests on their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


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We began this episode by answering a question about how to deal with a client who may be annoyed if you sell their house straight away and accuse you of making easy money on them. Next, we discussed how to act when someone has asked for a cold showing and the importance of taking a partner with you if you do not feel comfortable going to the house alone with a client you have never met. Later in the episode we spoke about the perfect follow up plan and compared approaches. We finished up the episode by talking about the importance of positive thinking, visualisation and role playing and how these things can help you in your real estate career.

We also shared insights on;

  • The pros and cons of meeting someone at the office or at the property
  • The Corefact Real Estate tool
  • The importance of offering something of value in exchange for an email address
  • Video messaging on Facebook Messenger

Role Playing Importance

You can use visualization and role playing to increase your chances of being a successful real estate agent. Role playing is 90% mental, 8% physical and 2% logistical, so if you can conquer the mental side of it and start having authentic arguments with yourself then you will be much better prepared for the real thing. You need to put your ego aside and accept criticism as that is the only way that you will truly grow as a person and as an agent. You must stop worrying about everything going positively as struggles and failure are all part of the natural course to success.

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