How do you leverage your assets to give value and solve problems? Why is it so important to out-educate your prospects? How do you maximize your seller lead generation? On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored, we’re joined by the successful young agent, Sterling White, who shares on his work as a real estate investor and Gene Volpe also pops in with his weekly social media tip.

You lead with value first, you answer questions, then maybe they’ll accept self-promotion. -Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

You always want to out-educate your clients and prospects.

Don’t count Twitter out yet, the platform is due to make some big developments in the live video space.

When door knocking, try presenting yourself with your back to the prospect then turning to face them to put them at ease.


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Twitter: Don’t Count It Out Yet

At the start of the show Gene Volpe shared his social media tip of the week, and why you shouldn’t count Twitter out. Next we talked about the importance of creating good marketing content that educates your clients. Sterling shared on the work of his company, Holdfolio, as well as how he contacts and communicates with potential clients. Towards the end of the show, he shared how people can partner with his company, and the importance of hiring the right people.

We also shared insights on;

  • How he produces content
  • How he has conversations with sellers
  • How he creates a pipeline of deals
  • The toughest part of building a team

Lead With Value

To build relationships that are mutually beneficial and truly effective, lead with value first, and create content that really makes a difference. The benefit of this is the results will always drive traffic back to your organization, and make you look great. Your prospecting should be condensed, niched and well-researched prior to you taking the time to door knock or call. Strengthen this by hiring smart, high-quality individuals to take things off your plate so you can focus on maximizing.

Guest Bio

Sterling White is a young successful Real Estate Investor, Developer and Philanthropist. He has been involved in the real estate market for numerous years, and has seen the many opportunities it can hold for astute investors. Email him, or find him on Facebook or follow him on Instagram @sterlingwhite_.

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