Real estate is a very simple business but it’s not easy. Why is it so important to self-generate your own business? How do you make your clients feel unbelievably cared for? What attitude should you have towards debt? On this episode we are joined by Michael Young, who shares his strategy, tactics and the practices that have helped him succeed in the real estate game.

If you generate you don’t have to tolerate. -Michael Young

Takeaways + Tactics

The complication for agents comes from running away from the simple but difficult things.

Your goals have to be bigger than your challenges.

If you can’t learn about debt when you first start, then you’ll never learn about it.


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Get Out The Way Ego!

At the start of the show, Michael shared on his career, and the importance of showing people that you care. He also shared on the difficulties of real estate businesses, and how to overcome them. He also shared on how he approaches property investment, and how to get the engine for that going. Towards the end of the show, we discussed how ego gets in the way of self-improvement.

We also shared insights on;

  • Self-generating the business you want
  • Balancing investment with your real estate business
  • Why it’s a major mistake not to use debt right now
  • The power of learning from the best

Simple But Not Easy

What you do in private is what will get you the accolades in public later. This applies to the real estate business, which is simple but not easy. If you want to succeed, your goals have to be bigger than you challenges, and you should check your ego and allow yourself to learn from the success and intelligence of people are ahead in the game. Remember if you don’t want to tolerate, you have to self-generate your business.

Guest Bio

Michael is the founder of Princeton Pacific Properties. They provide excellent client service, in-depth knowledge of the ever changing California Real Estate market, and the experience of thousands of completed transactions. Go to for more information or email

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