Business owners get bogged down by the wrong things and miss out on cultivating relationships. How do you generate leads and referrals intentionally? How do you stop booty calling your database and actually treat them like they matter? Why is vision the first part of getting intentional? On this episode, Andy Scherer is back to give us more value from his coaching experiences.

If you’re not generating 2-3 referral leads from a current client from the time they list to the time after they sell, you’re missing something. -Andrew Scherer

Takeaways + Tactics

Work FSBO’s as buyer leads, then if they don’t sell, you’re the natural choice to list the home.

Call your database on a monthly basis to help THEM be lead generators for you.

Run quarterly events for your A past clients – those most likely to refer you.


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Generate Referrals

At the start of the show, Gene Volpe shared a new tool for Facebook Live, the live contributor function, and how you can use it to drive traffic and reach more people. We talked about how to generate 2-3 referral leads from your clients, and how to cultivate a fan base that can do that. Andy also shared how agents get caught up with the wrong stuff and how that affects their ability to cultivate relationships.

We also shared insights on;

  • The power of being aware of what’s going on in your business
  • Business intentionality
  • The importance of starting with vision

Be Intentional

Business intentionality is all about running a business that isn’t haphazard. It’s about having a strategy, measuring and making adjustments as you go along. Be aware of what’s going on in your business, get internal about systems and strategies and cultivate a fanbase that can generate leads for you. Start with vision, understand the promise you’re actually setting in front of yourself, and put daily action towards moving the needle towards who you want to be.

Guest Bio

Andy is a loan officer and marketing director at Approved Mortgage group, and a real estate coach at Pillar 9 Coaching. As leader and change agent, he has been able to successfully implement communication strategies, operations management, social program design, marketing integration, community collaborations, and engagement initiatives. Get in touch, call 203.257.5279 or find him on Facebook

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