It’s so easy to drown in the mental work and tactics of real estate marketing. How do you put your focus on the right things and overcome the difficulty of marketing execution? How can you refine your Facebook ads to your advantage? In this episode of Real Estate Uncensored, Gene Volpe joins us as we discuss Facebook marketing, geofencing, and knowing who to go after.

It’s not just fear that holds people back, it’s also the hard, mental thought and the dread of having to sit down and figure something out that you don’t already know what to do. -Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

People make the mistake of obsessing with the tools to get a message out, without knowing what to say or who to say it to.

Your best lead source is people who already like you, know you, and trust you.

Online buyer leads: if you don’t respond in minutes, the leads exponentially decrease in value.

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.


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What Is Marketing Costing You?

At the start of the show, Gene talked about creating multiple streams of content, and how you can use Facebook to see how much ads are costing you. We also shared on how people get the market, medium and message triangle wrong. Next, we talked about the importance of coming from a place of ascension and not aversion. Towards the end, we talked about future marketing trends and geofencing, Pinterest, as well as the four agreements of following up on a home value lead.

We also shared insights on;

  • How Facebook cares about relevant ads
  • How people stay in their comfort zones
  • If you should get pre-qualification or pre-approval
  • Who the best lead source is

Know Who You Are Talking To

It’s so easy to get distracted by the medium, but the bottom line is human nature, and truly knowing who your person is. Who are you talking about and what message do you have to put in front of them that’s going to be compelling? It’s critically important to know who you’re going after and how they will use the technology, so you overcome the hard mental thought of the marketing tactic. Remember, it’s not where the leads are from, it’s who they are. For success, take inventory of yourself and ask if you’re averting or ascending. If you ascend, you gain your freedom!

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