Do you constantly seek out new methods of lead generation? Are you starting out as a new agent and struggling to drum up new leads? Maybe you’ve come back to real estate after an extended break and you’ve lost your connections? Are you tired of the constant rejection from door knocking and cold calling? In this episode Michael Lee will explain how to use social farming to create real relationships with people you have a shared interest with, and how this will lead to new clients in no time.

You do marketing because you want to have so many clients that you can afford to turn some of them away. -Michael Lee

Takeaways + Tactics

To get your offers accepted in sellers’ markets, build a relationship with the listing agent and present your offers in person.

Number 1 rule for social farming – the activities must be upscale.

Attend CE classes in adjacent counties where buyers/sellers flow between to build semi-local referrals.


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Utilize Personal Relationships

At the start of the show, Michael gave tips on how to write a strong offer and the best ways to get an offer accepted through the power of personal relationships. He went on to discuss the best marketing strategies for new agents or agents who are starting up again after being out of the game for a while. Michael went on to discuss one of his most successful tools for marketing; social farming. He spoke about the successes he had going on ski trips with 50 people he didn’t know and how much easier it is to make connections with people when you have that shared common interest. Later in the episode we discussed other important people to make solid relationships with who may be able to give you leads or referrals. We finished up by talking about the importance of speaking to top producers in other areas and the mistakes people make in their marketing.

We also shared insights on;

  • Techniques to get contact information
  • The importance of always carrying a business card
  • The use of coupons
  • The pros and cons of door knocking

Social Farming!

Social farming is the superpower you aren’t using enough. If you have a hobby or interest, whether it be golf, swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing, whatever, join a club and get out there and meet new people.

The best way to build strong relationships with people is when you have a common interest and once you build that relationship, you will build that trust. That is the best way to get new clients and referrals. Gardeners, building contractors and mailmen are other people you may not have considered as being important in terms of getting leads, but they all know exactly what is going on in the neighborhood and who is likely to move. Get out there today and start meeting new people and you will see your business thrive.

Guest Bio

Michael Lee has coached and spoken to over 10,000 real estate agents. He has spoken at ten NAR conventions, five CAR conventions and for most of the major real estate franchises around the world. Michael has owned and managed large franchised firms as well as small boutique real estate companies. He’s also the author of eight books including, “111 Ways to Justify Your Commission”, “Black Belt Negotiating” and “Secrets of Selling to Multicultural Real Estate Clients”. Michael has also written books on marketing and selling to multicultural customers and his goal is to help people get past differences they see on the outside to see how similar we are on the inside.For more information head over to Michael’s website;

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