How do you boost the performance of your Facebook Live videos? What is the big advantage of door-knocking when you’re a new agent? How do you find your purpose and register your own decisions? On this live Q&A episode of Real Estate Uncensored, we answer audience questions about prospecting, social media and mindset.

You go to a predetermined, preselected group of the right people who will have a need for your service and you build relationships in advance. -Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

The advantage of door-knocking when you’re new is you get to know the neighborhood and the people in it in-depth.

Ask yourself what you felt like you did well last week, and what you want to do better this week.

Individual agents only need to use their personal page, a business page isn’t necessary.


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Mix Business and Personal Content

At the start of the show, we answered a question about selling and buying at the top of the market. Next, we talked about using your personal Facebook page to market your real estate business and how to blend business content with personal content. We also shared on the power of focusing on your sphere and how that plays into the greater changes we’re seeing in the real estate industry. Towards the end of the show, we talked about the registration of decisions.

We also shared insights on;

  • The advantages of door-knocking
  • How to use content to establish credibility
  • Comfort zones, stretch zones and stress zones
  • How to create your definite purpose

Find Purpose in Everything You Do

Real estate agents will always have relationships with homeowners. As the industry changes, having and leveraging these relationships will make all the difference, and give you that long-term term business you need. You also need to have definite purpose in everything you do, and that starts with having a purpose for the next day and then the next week. When you meet your targets, let that feeling sink in, and when you don’t, let the frustration and disappointment sink in so you work to avoid it.

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