What can you learn from shadowing an agent at an open house? How many times do you have to call someone to get a deal? If you have an interesting past profession, such as being a firefighter, how can you use this to help you in your career as a realtor? These are just some of the questions we answer in this Q&A episode!

Wherever your source and leads are coming from, spend time in that source. If you spend more time in that source your return is going to be greater. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

When you’re assisting on an open house with an experienced agent, every bit of knowledge is invaluable.

Contact people straight after an open house when they are still excited about it.

80% of your deals will come between the fifth and twelfth contact, so keep going and don’t be afraid of rejection.


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Cold Calling & Rejections

We kicked off the show by talking about what an agent can get from assisting another agent at an open house. We went on to discuss how many rejections you should expect when cold calling people and what tactics to use. We then spoke about how to best utilize your past profession in real estate if it is an interesting one. Greg gave some tips on using video text messages to contact clients and why they work much better than a text or straight up audio message. We finished off by answering a question about agents using discounts and its frequency in the market.

We also shared insights on;

  • How soon you should contact buyers after an open house
  • Using the AM Open House application
  • Why you shouldn’t screw over someone who has invested time and money in you
  • How to pick your broker in an established market
  • How to work your sphere and the importance of gifts
  • The Female Agent Objection and how to work around that

Focus on the Long Term

Your future is something you always have to keep in mind, don’t get too focused on the now business. Focus more on the long-term play and work with whatever makes sense for you in your marketplace. Be comfortable in what you do, whether that be in the way you work your social media, how you contact people or how you act when you meet people. If you are comfortable in your own skin people will learn to trust you and if they trust you they will want to work with you.

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