There’s a lot real estate agents can learn from politicians. How do you go about meeting people and creating real community relationships? What impact will this have on your business? Are you blogging about the right things? On this episode Franklin Jones discusses creating the right content to attract the right clients, and he shares how his political background allowed him to create a category in his market.

If all politics is local, then all real estate is hyper local. If money is the mother’s milk of politics, listings are the mother’s milk of real estate. -Franklin Jones

Takeaways + Tactics

Blog about all listings in your area, not just your own. It lets people know that you are ahead of the market and an authority for real estate in your area.

You need to be authentic in your blog, you want people to get to know the real you.

Partnerships are necessary for people to work as a team instead of stepping on each others’ toes and competing for the same leads.


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All About A Blog

We kicked off this episode by talking to Gene Volpe who shared a great website called where you can have people record a short video testimonial that you can then edit and use on your social channels. We then went on to talk to Franklin Jones about his life in blogging and what sort of content he writes about on his blog. Franklin described how he finds out about listings in his area and how he runs his real estate business like a political campaign. Franklin went on to discuss how he has garnered clients by hanging out in his local Starbucks. We finished off by discussing his partnership with Amanda Payne and how they share the workload.

Franklin also shared insights on;

  • Testimonials and the use of Zillow.
  • How Franklin blogs about listings which are not his own.
  • The branding for his company.
  • Capping.

Talk to People in Person

People underestimate just how important it is to make face-to-face contact with people and become obsessed with the latest technology instead. You need to get out there on the streets and start talking to people and building real relationships so that you become a respected and well thought of member of your community. Run your business like a political campaign; get out on the streets and meet people. Think of your blog as a microphone and your advertising department as your Chief of Staff then you can begin to get more out of your business.

Guest Bio

Franklin Jones has been in real estate for 12 years and has been an avid blogger for most of them. He currently works in partnership with Amanda Payne in Columbia, South Carolina. For more information and to contact him, head over to his website;

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