When it comes to your real estate database, interpersonal relationships beat prospecting with little personalization. How do you reconnect with your sphere of influence? How do you construct effective emails? In this episode of Real Estate Uncensored, Frank Klesitz shares the best ways to get more out of your database and he gives specific guidelines and scripts to help you achieve this.

The one thing that will give you a competitive advantage is the relationship you have with homeowners in the local community. -Frank Klesitz

Takeaways + Tactics

Internet lead generation is getting more competitive and more expensive. You can choose to play that game at a high level, or focus on niche local communities.

A cleaner database that will respond to you is more valuable than ten thousand leads that don’t care about you or what you have to say.

The home owners in your city do not want to hear from you that much. Twice a month is good with a monthly mailer, anything over that is overkill.

Greg’s Favorite Scripts – Prospecting, lead generation, objections handlers and much more. Each script comes with video links to see the script delivered with proper tone and phrasing.

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Connecting with Your Real Estate Database

In this episode Frank Klesitz talks about about database marketing and why you should be forming actual relationships with real human beings that happen to own homes and not going after random buyer leads. Frank explained to us how Vyral works and how he got started with it. He then went on to discuss how to go about reconnecting with past clients, your centers of influence and homeowners. We then went on to discuss Facebook marketing, social media content and how best to utilize them when connection with your real estate database. Frank then went on to discuss the best ways to get someone’s email address and how you should construct the emails you send out to people.

We also gave insight on;

  • Market predictions
  • The need to target hyper local areas
  • What database means to Frank
  • How to find content for your videos
  • Strategies for building your database
  • How often you should reach out to people

Key Quotes

When you have this list of people, we let them know that they can opt out and we let them know what our intent is. It should look like a personal email that you wrote in Gmail. -Frank Klesitz

Focus on listings, that is the name of the game. The buyer leads you get from signs are the highest quality. –Frank Klesitz

Clean Up Your Real Estate Database

The ways in which people got leads in the past with online resources are becoming less successful due to oversaturation and over-pricing. Now it is about creating a clean database, filled with people who actually want to hear from you, rather than tens of thousands of people who don’t care about what you are sending out. This is how you can radically transform your prospects and become more successful today.

Guest Bio

Frank Klesitz is the CEO of Vyral Marketing, Vyral Marketing helps professionals and small business owners get more referrals and repeat sales from their #1 asset – their existing customer database. For more information about Frank head over to https://www.linkedin.com/in/fklesitz/

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