The real estate market keeps going up, and it’s lulled us into a false sense of security. What can we expect to change? How can we articulate to clients the difference marketing will make if they want to get the highest selling price possible? On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored we answer these questions and other audience questions about door knocking, open houses and interest rates.

You can’t pull someone out of their house, you can only draw and entice them out. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

Marketing is the difference between whether a home sells in the sweet spot, towards a lower end of the market, or the higher end of the market.

There’s a bubble in the American economy somewhere that’s propping up real estate values, but it’s not sustainable.

80% of your business lives between the 5th and 12th call.

Marketing Makes the Difference

At the start of this Real Estate Uncensored episode we answered questions about following up with unrepresented buyers at open houses and buying leads on Zillow. Next, we talked about the importance of not pushing people to sell, but mention the fact that we’re likely to have a market correction soon. Finally, we went on to share the different price ranges a home can sell for.  Sale price range is dependent on whether it’s marketed or just put on the MLS.

Insight was also given on;

  • Our favorite parts about being in real estate
  • The importance of closing the deal only if it’s in the best interest of the client
  • How interest rates are being held artificially low
  • How to do forward work to impress clients

Key Quotes

You want to be a great consultant with sales skills -Matt Johnson

The difference I’ve found for selling at the low end or the high end is the marketing that goes into the property. -Matt Johnson

Be A Consultant To Your Clients

If you try to pull or push a seller out of a house, or you’ll do is push yourself out of a contract. The key thing is to be a consultant who has the ability to sell, but only when it is the best interest of the client. The burden of proof is on us to show value and professionalism. It’s our job to show clients the difference marketing makes.  Marketing helps them achieve their ultimate goal which is selling their home at the best possible price.

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