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People who hate salespeople think they are trying to convince them to do something they don’t want to do. How does this view differ from positive persuasion and influence? How do you overcome fear through self-awareness and emotional intelligence? On this episode, Dr. Debra Dupree shares on communication, emotional intelligence, and how to give prospects a sense of security when you talk to them.

What we see and hear activates the backs of our brains before it gets to the top of our brains where it makes sense. -Dr. Debra Dupree

Takeaways + Tactics

The more emotional intelligence you have, the higher and faster your career/business rises.

To be a more effective listener, remember the sounds of the BEACH: beliefs, expectations, assumptions/attitudes, concerns/challenges and hopes.

Before you take an action ask yourself how you want to feel on the other side of the decision.

If you don’t feel like you’re the expert be the student that shares.

At the start of the show, Debra shared her insights on the difference between coaching and consulting, and how to identify a person’s communication style through DISC profiles. Next we shared on the importance of overall emotional intelligence and how it connects to self-awareness and relationship management. She also shared on the different parts of the brain, how fear limits our cognitive function and the process for overcoming your own fears. We talked about methods to be a better listener, and how people can use audio and video to improve their communication.

Dr. Dupree also gave insight on;

  • The body language identifiers that tell you about a DISC profile
  • How mantras help shift your brainwaves
  • How to be powerfully persuasive and influential
  • The connection between listening and silence

Key Quotes

We can shift how we feel both mentally and physiologically, by shifting the direction of our thoughts. -Dr. Debra Dupree

Even if you know your stuff, unless you really practice how to apply it, it doesn’t really settle in emotionally. -Dr. Debra Dupree

When it comes to positive persuasion and even overcoming your own fear, awareness is half the battle. Once you know your physiological and emotional signs of fear, you can use reflection to identify the source of the feeling, and realize it’s just a sensation. This takes emotional intelligence. Awareness also serves you well in tailoring your communication to a specific person. The key is listening, looking at body language and knowing if the prospect is focused on the what, who, how or why. Remember to listen for the sounds of the BEACH, and also explore their fears, values and needs.

Guest Bio

Debra has for years been fascinated with makes people tick, at work and at home. She became a therapist, a mediator, a professor and doctor of psychology. She is now a public speaker and author. To reach out to Debra and get her coaching materials go to or follow her on Twitter @RTMCoach.

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