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Agents set themselves up for failure by overestimating an advantage. How does this lead to missed opportunities? How do you learn to inform your target market and make conversation easier? On this live Q&A, we answer questions about marketing vacant land, the right way to approach partnerships, and the connection between mindset and time management.

Before you worry about how to get more people to hear what you have to say, having something to say is the more important thing. -Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

The purpose of content is to make conversation and prospecting easier.

Don’t rush into partnerships where you give up equity only for a temporary advantage.

Investors may want to know that a venture will make them money, but they’ll still want to be sold on a story.

At the start of the show, we answered a question about how to handle “no solicitation” signs when you’re door-knocking, and another one on the best content to include in mailers. We also shared on marketing vacant land and the right people to reach out to for selling it. We went on to talk about the mistakes people make when it comes to partnerships, and how to deal with a home that’s still in probate. We also discussed how to create content that appeals to a college-age audience. Towards the end of the show, we shared how new agents can prime the pump for their real estate career.

We also gave insight on;

  • The value of partnering with someone who has more experience
  • How mindset and time management are bound together and feed into each other
  • The importance of having something valuable to say
  • How to get good at content production through repetitive action

Key Quotes

You always want to hold onto as much equity as possible except for the cases where you can partner up with someone for the learning experience. -Matt Johnson

If you’re not out there talking to your client, someone else is. -Greg McDaniel

Success in putting out content starts when you talk about what people care about. Content might not generate instant business, but it does simplify the conversation that leads to business. New and young agents can prime the pump by building relationships, learning about the market and sharing what their learning, in a way that actually connects to potential clients. Don’t miss out on the value of learning from someone more experienced than you, it can be done without losing a whole lot of equity.

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