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The psychology of selling helps you speak the client’s language. What are the questions you should be asking to get to that point? What are the best marketing-based lead gen practices? On this episode, we take audience questions about Facebook ads, optimizing your database, technology and identifying client goals.

Identify what you’re working for, what your ultimate goal is and then put everything towards it. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

Database optimization: a program like Vyral Marketing allows you to send out videos that are genuinely helpful, and you can also track who is most interested in your content.

If you’re told that a house has been taken off the market, the best handler is leading with curiosity and asking questions so you can identify a need.

Facebook ads aren’t a bad lead source, just a source that requires patience because the audience will take longer to enter the sales funnel.

At the start of the show we answered a question about marketing-based lead gen and how Facebook ads fit into that. We also shared how to talk to sellers who say they are no longer selling the house. We talked about tips for pre-qualifying and prepping your value-add. We went on to share about new technologies and the impact VR is going to have on real estate. Towards the end of the show we shared the truth about sales, and improving your understanding of the client’s needs.

We also shared insight on;

  • Why Facebook leads take longer than PPC campaigns when it comes to conversions
  • How to use video emails to help the audience and get insights
  • How to determine your client’s core values
  • The current problems with real estate coaching

Key Quotes

Facebook ads take longer to convert because you’re not catching people when they are actively searching, but just when they’re receptive to a message. -Matt Johnson

VR will drastically reduce the number of homes that people go and see in person, but it will drastically increase the number of homes that people view online. -Matt Johnson

Your value-add is going to be a lot stronger when it’s pre-qualified from a place of curiosity and looking to always help people achieve their ultimate life goals. Facebook Live is a strong way to get your value-add out there – do as many as you can, with the intent of providing information that really helps the audience. It makes a difference when you know a client’s ultimate goal, but it’s also important to know what your goal is, so you can have clarity and put your energy towards coming closer to it.

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