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Content keeps you top of mind. What medium can you easily leverage to show off your expertise, and inject with personality? How do you go about building and executing your strategy? On this episode, Gene Volpe shares his marketing insights, including the tactical side of Facebook ads, and the strategy for getting your message to the right people consistently.

Marketing is about starting a conversation and turning that into “how can I help you?” -Gene Volpe

Takeaways + Tactics

It’s good to know the numbers about how often you should post, but it’s more important to know YOUR numbers.

Your social media content has to bridge likability and credibility. Be fun and relatable, but still put yourself out there as the expert.

Realtors fail to ask for business or fail to give a compelling answer about why the client should choose them.

At the start of the show, Gene shared some tactics for using drone footage to market an area, and leveraging them with Facebook video advertising. Next, he gave some insights on building a strategy from the ground up, and the importance of being in your own bubble. We went on to talk about the power of video, and why you should be using it to showcase your expertise.

Gene also shared insight about;

  • How many times you need to post and why it has a lot to do with your audience
  • Why you need to work within your own bubble
  • Using video to consistently get your message out
  • The importance of being who you are
  • How to bridge likability and credibility using video content

Key Quotes

Without video you’ll lose future traction for your business. -Greg McDaniel

You have to run your content off of what your audience wants. Push the limit and tailor towards what they’re telling you they want. -Gene Volpe

Video content allows you to position yourself as an expert, and an interesting person to get to know. How you craft your content influences how top of mind you are. How you well you execute that content relies on how much you listen to your audience. Follow the viewers – operate in your bubble by letting audience response influence your content strategy. Put things on video, people will be attracted to who you are.

Guest Bio

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media (formerly Your Real Estate Concierge), speaker and local marketing expert. He has over 9 years of experience in the marketing arena. He is also well versed in the real estate field including buying, selling, renting, marketing and consulting on over 200 real estate transactions. He is an expert in brand establishment and elevation and remains on the cutting edge of real estate marketing with a hard focus on video and social media. Go to for more information.

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