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Building name recognition gets you the trust factor in prospecting. What high-tech and high-touch tactics help you establish it? How do you inject your farming with the right data and knowledge to boost your chances? On the first episode of 2017, we take on audience questions, talk about luxury real estate, feeder markets and Facebook Live techniques.

If you’re going to make an offer to someone, the more things they have to believe in order to work with you, the worse your offer is going to do. -Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

You must like the area you’re selling in because it will come through in your prospecting.

Start your prospecting with your database, so you don’t have to overcome the personal trust barrier.

Turnover rate = total number of homes in a farm, divided by total number of homes sold in that farm over the last year.

Success in the luxury market depends on your willingness to spend or charge more on the front-end to have great videography, photography and staging.

At the start of the show, we answered audience questions about the legality of referral fees, and handlers for a seller who doesn’t want to sign a listing agreement. We also shared on the high-tech and high-touch methods that are necessary to succeed in geographical farming. Towards the end of the show, we talked about overcoming the trust factor by starting with your database when it comes to prospecting.

We also touched on;

  • The three aspects to consider for door knocking
  • Turnover rate and how it influences your results in farming
  • Market dominance and finding an area that doesn’t have high competition
  • Low, medium and high price markets and how they feed into each other
  • How to build up your name recognition to get trust
  • How to stop letting the numbers hinder you in luxury real estate

Key Quotes

Farming is a process that takes about 18 months to really start paying off. -Matt Johnson

Your database may know that you’re new, but you don’t have to overcome the personal trust barrier with them. -Matt Johnson

Getting a winning offer comes down to building trust so that a client believes in what you say. In farming, you do this by showing community knowledge and expertise. You make that even more successful in a high turnover location that doesn’t have a dominant agent or team. Most importantly, you must like the area so your interest, passion and knowledge oozes in your communication.

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