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What is the secret to mastering the 18-month lead nurture cycle and why does it lean so heavily on technology? How does it influence the relevance of agents? On this episode, guest Jesse Passafiume gives us insights on digital handshakes and “no lead left behind” platforms. Learn about how these benefit both relationship based agents and portal based agents.

If you want to be a relevant agent you have to get on that 18-month cycle and figure out how to manage it.-Jesse Passafiume

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Most of the magic takes place in the 12-18 month period after you generate a lead.
  2. Make your profile photo and description consistent across social platforms.
  3. Don’t get obsessed with pro-quality on social media – authenticity often beats professionalism.

On this episode we discussed:

  • Building multi-platform customer journeys with digitization
  • The 12-18 month tail in lead nurture and how agents miss opportunities
  • Digital handshakes and combining high-tech with high touch
  • Building a volume knob in your lead platform
  • The relationship between tracking and conversion rates

Key Quotes

When you’re developing a relationship you combine the high-tech and high touch to make sure the relationship exists on both platforms.– Matt Johnson

The mentality of “I can be helpful”, takes the pain out of following up.– Matt Johnson

Just because someone isn’t planning to make a move in the next 3 months, that doesn’t mean they’re a worthless lead. To make sure no lead is left behind, you need to leverage with digitization and systems. This will allow you to create multi-platform customer journeys, and harness the magic of the 18-month lead nurture process. Lead with the willingness to provide value and take pride in that, because leads reveal themselves through those conversations.

Guest Bio

Jesse is a real estate finance executive who is obsessed with using technology to improve experiences. His career has provided a unique opportunity to manage, coach and observe over 2,000 originators in the referral and consumer direct markets. He believes that in order for our industry to thrive, consumer direct competency and hyper local service must be combined.

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