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What did it take to make the move from football coaching to running a real estate business closing $53 million? What systems help you start strong and how do bring your value proposition? On this episode we discuss this with Kelly Cook, and also talk about the challenges of expansion, and how he broke into the business with short sales.

Some of the high price point and high PPC cost areas are some of the hardest to expand into, and they are the most in demand.– Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Sometimes 10 $1 million dollar homes are better than 1 $10 million home. Luxury doesn’t mean a bigger check, it potentially means more money out and not in.
  2. It’s important to teach agents skills that will propel them down the road.
  3. Down the line, teams are going to start being more dominant than brokerages.
  4. People only see the success, not the trade-offs that have to be made to get there.

On this episode we discussed:

  • Kelly’s team set up and how he got started in the business, starting from being a football coach
  • How Kelly leveraged the position he was in with short sales, and his farming system
  • Lead generation levers on his team
  • The challenges people face in expansion

Key Quotes

Our three big value propositions are coaching and training as well as systems and leads. Leads are third for a reason.– Kelly Cook

Luxury doesn’t mean a bigger check. It potentially means bigger checks out and not in.– Greg McDaniel

A multi-faceted, multi-layered approach helped Kelly Cook close $53 million in volume. What got him there was the willingness to do the unsexy, unfun and unseen aspects of the business. It’s also important to be clear on your purpose for expansion, because many agents become obsessed with the higher dollar, higher demand locations. Sometimes the best decision you can make is expanding into areas that aren’t as sexy as the NYCs and LAs of the world. In many cases, 10 $1 million dollar homes are better than 1 $10 million home.

Guest Bio

Kelly is the leader of Kelly Cook Homes. His personal experience as a student athlete & collegiate football coach has provided valuable insight and experience that propelled him in the real estate industry. As a student-athlete, Kelly played football at the University of Nebraska, participating on the offensive side of the ball at both Quarterback and Wide Receiver. During his tenure at the University of Nebraska, Kelly competed in two BCS Bowls, one Conference Championship game, and one National Championship game. After the conclusion of his football playing career and graduation from the University of Nebraska, Kelly served on the coaching staff at Nebraska and Ole Miss. In 2005, Kelly decided to take the skill set he acquired competing in collegiate athletics and apply it to the real estate industry here in Arizona. Leadership, integrity, and work ethic are the core competencies of Kelly Cook and the Kelly Cook Real Estate Group. Go to for more information or call 480.442.9868

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