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If we could go back to when we got started in the business, what would we change and do differently? What lessons have we learned from our experiences? On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored we discuss early mistakes and the lessons they gave us.

I would have gone into the business without an ego. I would have listened to advice from industry leaders and gone to find a market place that looked like me. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

Telling clients saying “I’m going to be available 24/7,” isn’t even a competitive edge because everyone says it, and you can’t even follow through on it.

Humble yourself enough to ask for help. The fear of looking stupid can stop you from moving forward.

Partner with an agent with a similar mindset but is further along the path so you can learn from them.

On this episode we discussed:

How to deal with neighbors trying to sabotage a listing
Nurturing leads and the importance of follow up
Ego, pride, fear and other negative mindsets that hold you back
Bringing value and having faith in your path

Key Quotes

Not seeing the dots connect shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. -Greg McDaniel

Release ego, pride and fear. The unwillingness to look stupid holds you back. -Matt Johnson

The things that get in the way of success have a lot to do with mindset. Ego, fear and pride are examples of this. Use your mental mechanics to keep your mindset right and lead with value. Even when you don’t have clarity about the path you’re on, commit to action and have faith that the dots will connect.

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