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There a several marketing levers that can maximize database relationships and build brands. Events, networking and podcasting are three of these levers. What tactics can you apply to them to help you build credibility? We discuss this with guest Mike D’Ambrosio.

Once you start prospecting business through things you are interested in, you don’t feel like you’re working so much. -Mike D’ambrosio

Takeaways + Tactics

You might not be able to link a specific deal to your podcast, but consistent podcasting does replaces credibility issues with social proof.

Client events are a chance for you to touch base with people at multiple stages of the process.

Networking isn’t just about handing out business cards, it’s about building relationships. You can do so by being on industry boards and giving your time back to the community.

On this episode we discussed:

If doing open houses is working for free
Client events and how they boost your marketing
Podcasts and how they help you build your brand
Networking and giving back your time

Networking, events and podcasts are like any other piece of media, they destroy credibility issues. Frequency, volume and consistently being out there attracts people to the brand and that draws them into your world. This gives you a chance to provide value at different stages of the relationship by giving a sample of what you do, and proving why you are different and better.

Key Quotes

You have to take people through the progression of not knowing you to knowing you. There’s a series of steps and you have to provide value at every step along the way. -Matt Johnson

Podcasts help you build the brand, and the brand attracts people and it can sometimes be that clincher that draws them into your world. -Matt Johnson

Guest Bio

Mike D’Ambrosio is a Real Estate Professional focusing on multiple aspects of real estate in the Silicon Valley. His specialties are helping clients buy and sell residential, commercial and development projects throughout the entire Silicon Valley. Go to for more information and listen to his podcast here.

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