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Success with expired listings requires agents to first break through what stopped the house from selling in the first place. What scripts and methods can you apply to ensure success and bring the prospect to their goals? On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored, we discuss this with Melanie Ferguson and learn her method for helping prospects self-discover.

It’s not so much what you say than what you don’t say. When you don’t say something, you plant the seeds with the questions you asked the prospect. -Melanie Ferguson

Takeaways + Tactics

The person that feels best after a conversation is always the person who talked the most. Let the prospect self-discover by letting them do most of the talking.

When a prospect vents their frustration, use it as an opportunity to learn more about their needs. The feel, felt and found script is effective in this case.

On calls, it’s more important to know what you shouldn’t say than what you should say.

On this episode we discussed:

Programs you can use to create great market reports
Why calling higher price prospects isn’t as scary as you think
A script for getting on a call for an expired listing and a script for redirecting the prospect’s frustration
How to be a sounding board and why that helps you do a better job

Key Quotes

Don’t get off the phone without a yes, or an agreement on something. -Melanie Ferguson

Don’t throw anyone under the bus say, “I understand”. -Melanie Ferguson

Sometimes the most important thing to know in prospecting isn’t what you say. It’s knowing what you don’t say and the moments you have to say nothing. By being a sounding board and getting them to vent their frustrations – they will be more open, more trusting and you will empower yourself with information that will help you get their house sold. Remember silence is the sunshine that will let the seeds you plant grow.

Guest Bio

Melanie Ferguson has a great reputation in the residential home market representing the interests of both Home Buyers and Sellers. She is committed to helping clients achieve their objectives in the marketplace through attention to detail, personal integrity and experience whether it is for personal property, investment properties, or referrals. Go to for more information.

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