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On this special Halloween themed episode of Real Estate Uncensored, we talk real estate horror stories from our careers. We also answer questions on client appreciation events, door knocking scripts and getting data for prospecting.

If 5 people show up to your event that’s great. If 1 person shows up even better, that’s an opportunity to really build an in-depth friendship. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

Agents often say the data for prospecting sucks when it comes to making phone calls, but that’s to be expected. The average contact rate is 7-10%.

If you want to have an effective website, first get a really good Facebook page up and running. Create posts, comment, be active.

Slight adjustments to verbage can change how a customer responds. For example, changing “who do you know who might be buying or selling” to “do you know anyone who is buying or selling?”

On this episode we discussed:

The best door knocking script for a just sold
The impact of changing verbage in a script
A strategy for client events
Real Estate horror stories

The more time you spend on a prospecting system, the more you’ll get out of it. -Greg McDanie

Don’t view it as a failure if fewer people come to your event. -Greg McDaniel

Don’t underestimate the power of slightly and effectively adjusting your verbage when you approach clients. One word can actually be the opening for you to get valuable information. When it comes to prospecting, remember bad data and no answers are part of the game. The more time you spend on a prospecting system, them more you’ll get out of it.

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