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Follow convention or blaze your own trail? Those are the choices we’re faced with, especially when it comes to carving out the professional path. With so much pressure to take the beaten path, how do you ignore the crowd and successfully do what suits your needs, aspirations and personality? We discuss this with coach, speaker and entrepreneur Hank Avink.

Turn the volume up on who you are, this might push some people away but it will draw in the right ones. – Hank Avink

Takeaways + Tactics

Our ability to recover quickly from failure is connected to not letting the bad things that happen stick to us.

If you have a mindset of gratitude, hustling, servant leadership and quick recovery when you get knocked down, you can make it.

The problems people face in real estate are because of lack of communication, setting the wrong expectations or having too many leads.

People have as much dysfunction as you do but they just stayed with something consistently enough to have success.

On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored we discussed:

  • How to look at failure and recover faster to get back in the game
  • Learning not to let the bad things that happen stick to you
  • How to turn up the volume on who you are
  • What to move towards if you’re going away from the conventional
  • The importance of gratitude
  • The biggest problems in real estate and how to solve them

Get perception and reality on how much gratitude you should have. -Hank Avink

Have you written down the standards for when you will or won’t work with a client? -Hank Avink

To blaze your own trail, you have to have the confidence to turn up the volume on who you are to draw the right people in. If you set higher standards and expectations, and fine tune your communication, your business will be streamlined to avoid common problems in real estate. Connect with people by aiming to elevate every conversation you have. Invest in coaching so that you pay the price and learn from the experiences of other people, without having to pay the cost.

Guest Bio
Hank is the Founder and Head Coach of National Coaching League. He is also a realtor in the Kalamazoo, Portage, Richland and Schoolcraft area. Find him on Facebook to get in touch about coaching.

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