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How does an agent get their actions in place so then can produce six figures, and how do top producing agents shift from that to seven figures? On this episode, we talk with real estate coach, Travis Robertson about getting your actions in place to reach for that level of income. We discuss mindset shifts, being intentional and strategic hiring.

To move to a seven-figure level income, you have to become much more process driven and much more intentional about what you’re trying to do. -Travis Robertson

Takeaways + Tactics

If you’re an expansion leader, part of your responsibility is putting in the intellectual effort and risking your capital to figure out what works on your staff’s behalf.

You don’t get to the next set of problems without figuring out solutions for the problems you have right now.

Top producing agents are less inclined to be distracted by shiny objects because their businesses are too complex to shift on a dime.

At the start of the show, Travis told us about his initial analysis when he starts working with a client. He said the main thing he likes to work on is mindset and having the mental game in place to work towards a mid six-figure to seven-figure income. “Do you know your numbers so you show up everyday knowing what to do, when to do it and who you’re contacting so you can actually go about making six figures?”

Next Travis talked about the systems that he helps people put in place to increase their income. It’s important to be intentional about what your business should look like, “you have to become much more process driven and much more intentional.” Travis also shared on the necessity of lead tracking, and having systems designed to scale up. His team helps people track the metrics that will allow them to identify red flags. They also look into the income goal of the agent and walk that back to the activities they need to be doing to make that amount of money.

We went onto discuss the “shiny object syndrome” and how that can be distracting for agents. Travis said top producers aren’t easily distracted by this because they are clear on what their business requires. We also talked about how team leaders can be caught between putting some of their budget towards lead generation experiments and sticking to what works. “Focus on one thing for 6-12 months at a minimum before thinking that it doesn’t work.”

Towards the end of the chat, Travis shared his insights on systems for attracting the right talent. “Don’t throw bodies at the problem, have a strategic hiring process and plan for the process from start to finish.” When it comes to hiring, remember that one person can easily destroy your reputation and all the work you’ve put into your business. “How many bad hires do you have to make before you improve your process?”

When it comes to becoming a top producing agent, the first six figures have a lot to do with your mentality. Ask yourself if you have the mental game in place to make the shift. Know your numbers, learn where your leads come from and be clear on how many deals you need to reach your goal income. You can only throw so much hustle at it, you’ll have to shift your hustle towards systems development and strategic hiring.

Guest Bio

Travis Robertson is one of the most respected real estate coaches, business strategists and personal development trainers in the world. He is the CEO and Founder of Robertson Coaching International – one of the fastest growing real estate coaching companies in North America. He has been featured on the largest stages in the industry and for the largest real estate brands in the world.

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