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When people Google you, LinkedIn is one of the first things to come up. Are you leveraging it well and taking advantage of the opportunities it provides? We talk to LinkedIn expert Brian Traichel and learn about attracting and nurturing leads by optimizing your profile and using his communication tactics.

Takeaways + Tactics

Don’t make your LinkedIn profile a resume. Make it a living, breathing representation of you.

Anything sporadic won’t work on social media.

Recommendations are great if you want to have real estate on someone else’s page.

Don’t use LinkedIn as an excuse not to get out there, use it to narrow down and get more focused about who you’re going to reach out to. -Brian Traichel

On this episode, our guest Brian Traichel gives us insights for building authentic relationships on LinkedIn. When it comes to looking for referral partners on LinkedIn, Brian recommends this search formula: geographical area (comma space) industry (comma space) activity (comma space). He also added the importance of putting your specialty in the summary of your profile.

When it comes to nurturing your leads, “Don’t use LinkedIn as an excuse not to get out there, use it to narrow down and get more focused about who you’re going to reach out to.” We went onto discuss reaching out to people based on common interests. It’s also important to read recommendations because they tell you about what that other person values in business. Next, Brian gave us his tips for anonymity while profile viewing and then he gave tips for recommendations, testimonials and endorsements.

Brian also gave these tips:
Give people 15 options to endorse you, that way you’ll rank higher in less time
Really take the time to do your profile properly
Remember all the education you’ve ever had counts
Add a lot of media – more is more on LinkedIn
Treat your posts like a blog, people want fresh content

LinkedIn is a worthy avenue for nurturing leads and growing your sphere of influence. Your profile should be a representation of you and not just a copy and paste of your resume. If you’re going to do it, be consistent. Take the time to build your profile properly and build authentic relationships from there. There’s money in your LinkedIn account, all you have to do is focus in on it and leverage yourself.

Guest Bio

Brian is a sales consultant, executive coach, sales trainer and LinkedIn sales strategist based in San Diego. He uses his skills to help sales professionals increase their business through proven sales strategies, social selling, and various other sales techniques. To connect with Brian visit

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