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To succeed in real estate, it is necessary to build relationships and learn to nurture your own sphere. What are the tactics that agents can learn from a top producer? We discuss this subject with Omaha Realtor Sue Henson who provides insights into client communication, handling missteps and leading with honesty.

Even though things may be difficult to take in, when it’s all said and done the most important thing is that you were honest and owned it. Sue Henson

Takeaways + Tactics

Establish a sphere and a system so that year after year, your business continues to grow, and you won’t end up waiting for the next thing to come in.

Don’t hide behind Facebook and blogs, get out and meet people and and then blend the online work with the relationship building to get success.

The secret to giving really good gifts to clients is to give something that is personal to that individual.

Our guest is recent winner of the Omaha’s Choice Award in Real Estate, Sue Henson who introduced herself and shared her business structure which is 99,9% referrals based. After working on building relationships, she began to get repeat clients after 3 years, including a client she worked with 5 times. Sue’s secret for building these relationships is respect. “If you treat people with the utmost respect and you’re honest, people will respect you for that.”

We went on to discuss, client communication and creating a system that ensures that clients don’t slip through the cracks. We also touched on coming clean with clients when something goes wrong. Sue said, “never do it over the phone or via email and avoid pointing fingers or bailing.” The most successful people are able to take responsibility without letting it destroy their self esteem.

Next we took a question about the forms of lead generation Sue was most focused on. She shared on taking phone duty shifts no one wanted, and sending out newsletters with market snapshots and topics that were pertinent to her market. She also mentioned focusing on her sphere and building relationships by taking one person in her sphere out to lunch each week. We went on to exchange other relationship building tactics and being able to be an emotionally available agent for older sellers leaving their beloved homes behind. Sue has found that being a good listener is the most important skill for dealing with these people.

Towards the end of our chat Sue shared;
Her experiences working with military clients
Managing client expectations for when things don’t go according to plan
Her handwritten note system
Her average workday
What she would change if she had to start her real estate career all over again

Your business is only as strong as the relationships you build with your clients. When you are honest, valuable, supportive and show that you have their backs at all times you’ll grow your referrals, get repeat business and become a trusted consultant.

Guest Bio

Sue is a licensed REALTOR® in the states of Nebraska and Iowa. She’s a founding member of Omaha’s Leading Edge-Realty Group. This group is comprised of 9 of the Metro’s top producing Agents. To learn more about Sue go to

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