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On this hangout, Matt and Greg tackled more sales and marketing questions from listeners and Facebook groups. The co-hosts covered topics like selling prices, sticking to scripts as well as networking for a part-time agents who want to get the most out of the time they put in.

Takeaways + Tactics

If you’re bringing information to the consumer that they have no other way of getting, you become the aficionado of wherever you call home.

This is a person-to-person, belly to belly human business you have to go out there and talk to people – if they don’t know you or trust you they won’t do business with you.

A willing and able buyer is going to dictate the true value of a home.

The best scripts in the world will not solve the problem of the buyer’s need and desires not aligning with either the market or what you have to sell.
-Matt Johnson

The chat kicked off with a question about scripts and whether it’s necessary to use them word-for-word or if it’s advisable to go off script. Greg reminded listeners that scripts are supposed to be guidelines and the key should be to make them conversational and avoided making yourself sound like a scripted salesperson. Once a consumer sees you as a salesperson they won’t see you as a consultant and that can lose you their business. Matt echoed this saying, “it’s more about who are, your confidence than it is the words that you use. It’s about a deep well of knowledge and experience that people can sense when they hear you talk.”

The next question came from a listener who wanted to know the best ways to provide value to customers, and then another question about following up with buyer clients between an accepted offer and closing. Greg said the communication is constant depending on what comes up. Buyer clients are likely excited and nervous so they will need some handholding.

The fourth question comes from a listener who’s currently working full time while working real estate part time. He wanted to know the best ways to lay groundwork and network for the ultimate switch to a full time real estate job. Greg said with $140 he can record four videos which he can promote online for $5 per day for 7 days. The videos should be about buyers needs, a park and restaurant in the area as well as a person of authority who resides there. This will give him the impressions that will allow people to get to know him and if he’s bringing value to them he will be able to start building a database. Greg added methods like giving away 15-25 business cards each day, and Matt stressed the importance of building credibility.

The next question comes from a new agent who wants to know what she needs to do after doing social media and giving cards to friends and family, among other tactics. Greg and Matt both answered the question by stressing the importance of phoning people and talking to them face-to-face. Greg said, “This is a person-to-person, belly to belly human business you have to go out there and talk to people – if they don’t know you or trust you they won’t do business with you.”

The next question the co-hosts tackle is how to deal with a seller whose house is cluttered before it goes on show. Greg offered a script he uses. “We live in our homes one way and sell our homes another way. Once your home goes on the market, it’s no longer a home, it’s a house and a product, and people buy with their hearts and confirm with their minds. So we need to collect your treasures and put them somewhere safe. We need people to see the home and not your way of living so they see can see their own lives there.” He added that the key to this script is telling the seller kindly.

Next, a listener asks about how he can close a deal when the customer is on the fence. Matt and Greg said it’s important to remember that the goal shouldn’t be to push for the close without understanding why the customer hasn’t made a decision. Greg said, “you’re there to serve and consult. If they’re not buying, you haven’t provided enough value.” The last question comes from an agent who wanted to know about property pricing – to which Greg answered by saying “a willing and able buyer is going to dictate the true value of a home.”

The one insight and take-away that echoes in the answers provided by Greg and Matt is the importance of providing real value to the consumer. When you’re able to do this, you open up the doors that make you someone people can trust and from that, your sphere of influence grows. It’s also important to talk to people face to face, allow them to get to know you and let your knowledge and experience shine through.

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