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Agents want to reach a point where they are top producers, with solid leads, clients and wealth but so many feel like that circumstances are holding them back. What are the most common things holding agents back from success? In this week’s show, Matt and Greg tackle lack of money, lack of leads and lack of knowledge, and they provide actionable tips to help ambitious agents overcome them.

Takeaways + Tactics

Anything that requires an investment of time will give the impression that you are active and everywhere all the time. That gives a perception of expertise, competence and activity.

Lack of knowledge isn’t a problem because there’s so much knowledge out there. What agents face is the lack of clarity of not knowing which course of action to take.

Stop comparing yourself to top producers with big budgets and more relationships. You are just where you need to be, so go and be entrepreneurial!

Wealth is attracted to people who show up on time, so show up on the dot and show up prepared. – Matt Johnson

On today’s show, Greg and Matt answer a very common question – what is holding you back from success? They kick off with a question from Facebook about lead gen scripts and how the co-hosts feel about using scripts that have the clients name. Greg says he favors not saying the customer’s name in case he butchers it and offends them. He prefers something along the lines of “Hey my name is Greg McDaniel I’m a real estate agent in the area” or leading with “Hi is this the owner of…?”

Matt asks Greg what he’d say in the case of lead follow up from an website form, because it’s a script many agents are afraid of. Greg says agents are afraid of rejection and that’s why they are afraid of saying anything. He would say something like “Hi my name is Greg and I’m a real estate agent in the area. We just received an inquiry on one of our sites on the value of your home. We like to get back to people as soon as possible and I wanted to see what I can do to answer any questions. Are you guys, selling refinancing or getting info for a will?”

“We actually have buyers we’re working for. Would you be cool if I came over to have a 10 minute look over the property? I meet a lot of people and I can keep your home in mind. We want to get you on a once-a-month drip. Use us as a resource, we have a team of 7 people and we’re blessed to work with the right families. We are client based not commission based.” Matt notes that the key things that made Greg’s script work is that he didn’t rush and he didn’t try to sound too polished, sales-y or silver tongued.

Greg and Matt dive into the tips to overcoming the things that hold agents back from success, starting with lack of money. The general rule is to have 6 months of money in the bank to support yourself and ideally $1000-2000 to put into lead generation and marketing. Greg points out that the first step is not comparing yourself to the top producers who have the budget to put towards marketing. “You are where you need to be so go out and be entrepreneurial.” Sit down at Starbucks, meet people, have conversations and you will start to widen your sphere of influence.

Matt adds some tips about things that won’t cost money but will bring success.

Positioning. It’s free, set yourself up as an expert in a specific neighborhood, price range or niche and start blogging.
Punctuality: “Wealth is attracted to people who show up on time.” Make sure you get to meetings on time, informed and prepared. Greg adds “if you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late and if you’re late don’t show up at all.”
Follow up

Matt adds a bonus note. He says lack of money and lack of leads are tied together. If you want more clients there are free ways to build relationships. Think of how you can build more relationships. Remember that top producers have more relationships and are better at starting new relationships and nurturing them.

A listener pops in a question about order of necessity in terms of what one should spend money on. Greg and Matt agree that it’s

1. Website
2. Paid lead generation
3. Video and email
4. Facebook marketing

Next, the co-hosts move onto leads, ideally, someone who wants to buy or sell a home in the next 6 months. Matt reiterates the importance of focusing on building relationships, that’s how you’ll get referrals. The intention should be to build relationships and train those people to get you referrals.

Matt points out that being active on social media isn’t just about finding leads, it’s about showing your expertise and productivity. “Anything that requires an investment of time will give the impression that you are active and everywhere all the time. That gives a perception of expertise, competence and activity.” One you’ve crossed the bridge of competence and activity, the only question left to answer is whether you’re the right fit, so being active gets you much closer to getting a solid lead.

When it comes to achieving success, it’s all about positioning – putting yourself in the right place at the right time for it to locate you. Positioning is about making yourself attractive to success by showing up on time, always attending meetings prepared and enriching yourself with he knowledge that gets you ahead of the pack. Positioning is also about being clear about who want to attract and repel, building relationships through the people you already know and choosing a course of action decisively. Empower yourself by filling gaps in your day with the knowledge that will change your business!

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