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The database is an all important asset and resource that impacts a Realtor’s ability to list successfully. Why is the database so elusive for many and what tactics can one employ to make sure they are connecting with the community and making themselves relevant to buyers and sellers? This hangout details the tried and tested methods employed by Hauer Homes’ founder Chad Hauer and how they can be used to build strong databases and stronger community ties.

Takeaways + Tactics

Immerse yourself in the community, give time and energy on something people will remember fondly.

People in your community need to know, like and trust you.

There is no tipping point, remain in action, don’t lose momentum and you will do well.

We jumped right in with a listener question from someone just getting started in the real estate industry. He wants to know about starting a referral business in real estate and how it can be done. Chad explained that he should work on building a strong database, starting with a list of 100 people. The key people to build relationships with are CPAs, financial advisors and lawyers who meet with people in the community regularly.

If you have a small sphere of influence, call the people you know and let them know about a free service program. For Chad, that meant forming a concierge service that provides people with assistance for different things around their home, whether this was home decor or laundry. By building relationships with the vendors, you create a chance to grow the database and work with the community. Also take advantage of your community by talking to people in coffee shops and other public places, be bold enough to give people your business card. Put yourself out there and you’ll start to see results.

Chad shared more about himself in the second part of the interview. He was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington and joined the industry after working as a firefighter and then assisting his father’s real estate business. After juggling real estate and firefighting, he realized that he had a passion for property and he took on the niche market of waterfront properties. While his father worked on the bank owned side of real estate, he decided he preferred the relational side of real estate, and he focused on building relationships and a solid database.

In his own work, Chad’s referrals actually came from the passion he has for his own community, where he set up an annual fireworks display at Mason Lake. The community has rallied around it and it has been a great success. While he was doing the fundraising for this fireworks display, he ended up collecting email addresses. People liked what he was doing and that gained him the trust of the community. People began reaching out to him to buy and sell their houses. His signs started popping up on the lake and it was a real trickle down effect, starting from that community contribution and going all the way to the successful business he has today.

The interview closed with a chat about about what helped Chad get through the crash. He pointed out that mindset is important as well as the ability to keep one foot in front of the other because there is no such thing as instant success.

Don’t be afraid to cultivate strong relationships with your community to expand your sphere of influence. Make yourself available as a resource to make life easier for people and you’ll gain their trust. Once this is established, you will be able to build a strong database and impact your surroundings while you impact your community.

Guest Bio

Chad has been a full-time Realtor for 13 years, after getting a start at the age of 21. He has specialized in lakefront properties and he is passionate about being there for his clients beyond the times they are buying or selling a house. Chad has also developed the Signature Client Care Program which allows him to be a resource that meets clients’ needs and helps them get the most out of working with him. To read more about Chad and get in touch go to

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