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With so many opportunities for people who work in real estate to grow strong businesses and build wealth by investing in their own product, why are so few agents doing it? Real estate veteran, investor and podcaster Jason Hartman provides insights into mastering the market and also finding opportunities to create wealth.

Takeaways + Tactics

Succeed by building relationships, the key is dominating one geographical location and understanding that area so that people can only think to list with you.

There is no second place in real estate, you either get the listing or you don’t. It’s better to be first in a small group as opposed to being 2nd in a larger one.

Income property is the most historically proven asset class. Single-family homes are the safest asset class and when you invest in them you get returns in different aspects and build wealth.

This is the era with so many tools at the disposal of real estate agents, but the work and the success still comes down to relationships and the key is learning to own a geographical area and dominating it.
–Jason Hartman

The hangout kicks off with a question from a listener who wants to know if it’s still necessary to sell homes through realtors, since some sellers are doing it themselves. Jason and Greg both point out that an agent cuts down time on the market and more importantly stress on the seller.

Jason Hartman tells us more about his background and career. After getting into the real estate game at 19, he worked at Remax (where became one of the top performing agents). His true interest was always on the investment side of the business which he moved into after his time at Remax. Jason Hartman advises agents to put work into building relationships and dominating a geographical era.

In his investment career, Jason focuses on single-family homes. “Single-family homes are the safest asset class because they have a universal need and when you invest in income property you earn a return from different aspects.” In terms of clientele Jason says, “Our avatar client is an investor who works hard, has equity in their home, savings or stocks, and wants to invest in 6-10 homes.”

Jason gives us his market insights including the benefits of investing. He introduces what he calls “inflation induced debt destruction” which helps people build wealth through income property. Tragically, most people in real estate miss out on this wealth because they’re not investing in their own product. If you build a productive business by dominating an area, you can join the ranks of agents building wealth while they list!

To rise to the level of being able to invest in real estate, it’s important to build a strong and productive business by learning to dominate a neighborhood and then widening your reach from there. If you can put your focus on building strong relationships within that area, you will be able to create the capital to invest. Stop selling real estate, and start selling yourself!

Guest Bio

Jason is a real estate veteran and investment expert who has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. His company, Platinum Properties Investor Network helps people purchase income property in prudent markets nationwide. He also hosts a podcast called Creating Wealth and does educational events. Listen to the podcast and learn more about Jason and his company at

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