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You don’t need thousands of dollars to spend on Google Adwords or Zillow to generate leads for yourself or your team. Mega agent Jeff Cohn, whose team sold 580 homes last year, joins us again to share strategies to generate leads at little or no cost.

We start with a few pointers on Facebook Live, which Greg is experimenting with in his local area with good success. One great tip is to choose a time to consistently broadcast live, then let people know when you’ll be broadcasting so they can join you.

Next Jeff kicks off our segment on Craigslist posts, currently their #2 top-producing source of online leads. Jeff shared how they outsource Craigslist posting for only $175/mo and it generates hundreds of leads and 60 deals for their team in 2015. As strange as it may sound, even though Craigslist took away the option to put live, clickable links in a post, this strategy still works. Simply direct people to the plain-text link, and people will copy/paste it into a browser. The result is eye-popping 18% conversion of click-to-lead ratio. In other words, if you’re willing to copy and paste a link into a new browser, you’re more likely to register to continue searching.

As Jeff points out, stay ethical and only post in the Offered-by-Broker section of real estate. His team treats Craigslist leads the same as any other buyer lead and converts them at the same rate.

Next we go into Facebook boosted posts, which has become one of the team’s lowest cost source of leads, and among the top 4 lead sources overall. Jeff’s agents post their new listings, fun searches or neighborhood-searches as posts, then boosts the posts with $5, $10 or $20 to Friends-of-Friends or demographic groups they want to target. The posts are dead simple, sending people to Jeff’s Boomtown site where they register to continue searching for homes. Jeff’s agents then follow up like any other lead.

Jeff shared his Boomtown dashboard showing his lead sources for the past 30 days, in which Facebook accounted for 2500 website visits and over 100 leads.

We finish up by talking about Jeff’s highest-dollar value activity, going on listing appointments, and how he structures it so he passes the listing off to an agent and keeps 75%. Jeff also shares how he keeps in touch with his database through video marketing, and how he keeps an eye on what other agents are talking about to get ideas for his videos.

Hopefully these tips inspire and equip you to try things like Craigslist posts, boosting posts on Facebook and publishing your own video blog. Just remember, nothing substitutes for real follow up, both by phone and in person!

Guest Bio

Jeff Cohn is the founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, Nebraska’s #1 selling team, and President of Elite Real Estate Systems, which has expansion teams in 4 cities around the country. Click here to learn more about Jeff’s Team Building Workshops or connect with Elite Real Estate Systems on Facebook.

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