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Why do business owners pay thousands for a short call with someone like Jay Abraham? Because guys like Jay have an incredible clarity that comes from understanding the framework of how to solve a business problem. You can develop this same clarity by developing your understanding of this framework for growing your business.

Takeaways + Tactics

Develop your abundance mindset – it’s one of the few things ultra-successful people have in common

Growing a business from scratch means working on two things simultaneously – lead generation and operations

If you’re struggling to grow your business, ask yourself a better question, “How can I be more valuable to more people in a systematic way?

If you want to be a successful person or run a successful business, one of the main things you should spend your time on is not pursuing tactics, it’s pursuing an understanding of the framework of how to grow a business. -Matt Johnson

We start with a question on how to utilize video in your business and why you should start with evergreen content like follow up videos for prospects, local videos with business owners, and educational videos for new buyer and seller clients. We also tackle an issue with addresses not being allowed on flyers for door-knocking, and the mindset of lack that is behind all these anti-marketing rules being propagated by real estate boards.

Then we dig into the framework of how to grow a business. Ultra-successful people have an incredible sense of clarity, they understand the framework of how to grow a business. So when they confront a problem, they’re able to zero in on the source of the problem even without understanding the finer points of an industry or the business. Matt shared his experience speaking with the CEO of one of the top Sandler sales training franchises in the world, and why tactics are always secondary to attitude and behavoir.

Greg summed it up perfectly, “You have to give of yourself more than anything. As soon as you give enough value to the universe, it will give everything you want back to you because the Law of Reciprocity comes into play.”

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