We are available for a variety of real estate events, either together or individually depending on location and logistics of your event.

Our specialty is live breakout sessions and panels where we interact with each other, bring on special guests, take rapid-fire questions from the audience, live roleplay with audience to demonstrate scripting and much more.

Free-flowing and dynamic, these breakout sessions are great complements to keynote speakers, where the conversation is one-way.

Here is a partial list of our past speaking events:

      California Association of Realtors Expo
      San Diego Assoc of Realtors Expo
      Real Estate Success Rocks conference
      Young Professionals Live Events
      Team Building Live Workshops

In addition to helping promote your event on our podcast, which gets tens of thousands of downloads and views each month, we’ll also help promote your event through:

      Facebook Live before, during and after our session
      Featured mentions on live podcast episodes
      Featured mentions into the Facebook Groups such as Lead Gen Scripts & Objections (38k members)
      Featured emails to our list (depending on state)
      Targeted Facebook Ads to agents in the area of the event to drive attendance

In short, we do everything we can to make your event a wild success, and send your attendees away with actionable ideas, insight and inspiration they’ll be talking about for months to come.

To explore options and ideas for booking us, use Matt’s booking link: http://bookjohnson.com/ to schedule a short phone conversation!