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Your First 90 Days In Real Estate

What does the average day look like for an agent growing a successful business? For an agent who isn’t licensed yet, what are the steps you can take right now to hit the ground running? This episode of Real Estate Uncensored provides insights to help you make those first crucial choices that will impact your real estate career. We share top tips for structuring your day for productivity, and how to go about creating a morning routine. How do you start sharing on social media even though you’re new to the business? Discover the tools and tactics that will make the first days of real estate a lot less daunting.

Low Cost & No Cost Marketing for Agents

How do you start generating leads when you’re working with a low marketing budget? Which platforms can you start taking advantage of right now without breaking the bank? How can you get yourself an eye-popping 18% conversion of click-to-lead ratio? On this episode, learn the marketing tactics of mega-agent, Jeff Cohn. Discover how to maximize every single dollar you have, and take advantage of some of the best tools that will change the game for your real estate business

Ignore Everyone: Finding Your Own Path to Success w/ Hank Avink

How do you peel yourself from the herd mentality of the industry, and carve out your own unique space in the business? What is the mindset needed to boldly stand up for your own path to success? What is the most effective and powerful way to overcome failure? This episode sheds light on what it takes to be your own person, build something unique and setting up your own standards. You will be empowered to have a voice for your own dreams, blaze your own trail, and step into your bright real estate future.

What We Would Do Differently

If seasoned real estate agents could go back to where it all started, what would they do differently? How do you mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for dealing with clients, and make use of personal development to do away with mindsets that get in the way of success? This episode of the show provides deep insight into starting out a real estate career under the best possible conditions, and setting yourself up with the right tools and knowledge. We share our biggest mistakes, so you don’t have to make them.