Sales & Marketing Smackdown on Objections with Aaron Wittenstein

Sales & Marketing Smackdown on Objections with Aaron Wittenstein

When it comes to handling objections, there’s a way to nip them in the bud before they come up. How can you use marketing to do this? How do you handle objections like where you’ve sold, if a house should get fixed or being in competition with other agents? On this special episode, we do a sales and marketing smackdown with Aaron Wittenstein and Gene Volpe, who will have you handling objections like a seasoned pro!

You can’t really question the market data if it’s right in your face. -Gene Volpe

Takeaways + Tactics

You want people to know over a period of time that you’re good at what you do.

It never hurts to paint a house and it never hurts to clean the carpets.

Listing agents who make negative comments about a property during the listing consultation are less likely to get the listing.

Buyer mentality

At the start of the show, we shared on handling the objection of being in competition with other salespeople. Next, we talked about why buyer mentality drives everything, and why market data is so necessary. We also talked about dealing with a seller who want to consider renovations first, and towards the end of the show, we talked about bringing up the more technical details in a smooth way.

We also spoke about;

  • Minute-by-minute listings
  • Seller communication and why you shouldn’t ghost your clients
  • How to handle an objection about selling in the area

What is your goal?

Before you start on a new journey, make sure to always clear up your goals and ideas. Without a direction, you’ll end up getting nowhere. Find what makes YOU and your vision of the future unique and see how that’s best utilized. Sometimes that’s not in the job you are in right now – it does take courage to pick up something new, however if you find that courage, the benefits you reap will be worth the failures and the closed doors along the way.

Guest Bio

Aaron is a full-time, full-service Realtor, whose expertise as a seasoned real estate agent gives him a well-rounded background that will benefit a first-time home buyer, a homeowner veteran, investor, or a returning client. His qualifications include 15+ years of fast-track sales experience in diverse business environments, with 12+ years in real estate. Having been fortunate to work under multi-million dollar producers, he has extensive knowledge of the real estate business which will fully maximize his client satisfaction. Go to to join Aaron’s Facebook group.

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media (formerly Your Real Estate Concierge), speaker and local marketing expert. He has over 9 years of experience in the marketing arena. He is also well versed in the real estate field including buying, selling, renting, marketing and consulting on over 200 real estate transactions. He is an expert in brand establishment and elevation and remains on the cutting edge of real estate marketing with a hard focus on video and social media. Go to for more information.

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30 Under 30: How Jamie Tian Sold $23 Million In Volume & Works With International Clients

30 Under 30: How Jamie Tian Sold $23 Million In Volume & Works With International Clients

For many people, being young can be a disadvantage in the real estate business. How do you make yourself stand out and provide value to show your expertise? How can you employ social media tactics to get more clients? How do you go about hiring an assistant who won’t eventually become a rival? On this episode, we are joined by young agent Jamie Tian, who shares the strategies behind her successful career.

Social media is something you can continue to build up and it only grows exponentially once you have a following. -Jamie Tian

Takeaways + Tactics

Keeping in touch with old clients is the best way to get more listings and leads.

Link up with adjacent business owners who also work with the type of people you’re targeting.

You have to stick with your marketing strategy for a long time for it to stick.

Marketing Strategy

At the start of the show, Jamie shared how she got started, and where most of her business comes from. She also shared on the importance of taking a marketing strategy long term and how she uses social media to get clients. We also talked about finding the right assistant, signing buyer-agent agreements and what Jamie would do differently if she had to do it all over again.

Jamie also talked about;

  • Why geographic farming isn’t going to go away
  • Communicating with international clients
  • How young agents can prove themselves

Prove Yourself

You don’t have to be an old dog to win clients and become successful. Being younger just means you have to prove yourself more and show your expertise. Be reliable and overwhelm them with value and knowledge. Remember you’re not going to connect with every single person, so don’t take rejection personally. Just work on clicking with the right people, being valuable and everything else will fall into place.

Guest Bio

Jamie specializes in properties throughout Los Angeles including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, DTLA, Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood,West LA, Westwood and the Sunset Strip. As a top producing agent at Rodeo Realty, Jamie takes pride in her discretion while providing the finest service to clients ranging from first-time homebuyers to A-list celebrities. She also provides invaluable services such as reliable contacts to her investor and developer clients that make her a top choice for those looking to make a profit in the Los Angeles real estate market. Go to for more information.

This content brought to you by Real Estate Uncensored, a sales and marketing training podcast, that gives you actionable ideas, insight, inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom, featuring co-hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson.

Is Facebook Messenger the New Email – with Nick Sakkis

Why is Facebook Messenger the new email?

Why is it more effective than other marketing methods we use?

In this clip you’ll learn about the power of targeting people by building audiences on Facebook.


We also discussed;

  • The truth about email open rates
  • How to get in front of the right people
  • How to get people to opt into your Facebook Messenger

If marketing was basketball, Facebook would be your point guard. Target a high number of people with exactly what they want and you’ll succeed. You’ll gain the advantage of having people come to you in their time of need, instead of you constantly having to go out and prospect all the time. Learn to build a relationship with the right people and then build a wall around the people who know, like and trust you. If you can’t afford to spend $5/day to target the people that know, like and trust you that will be around for as long as you’re around, just get another job.

The Truth About Multiple Streams of Income

What is the truth about multiple streams of income?

How do you make sure you’re going about creating them the right way?

In this clip, you’ll learn about misconceptions people have about wealth and real estate.


We also discussed;

  • Photography for high end listing
  • How to handle a seller who micromanages a listing
  • The truth about being the digital mayor of the local area

If you focus on developing multiple streams of income at the same time, it’s very hard to focus on one thing and create the core of your business. Before you focus on developing another stream of income, make sure the first one is actually working. It’s impossible to be an inch deep and a mile wide, so have your priorities set before you try to diversify. Remember, the people who have the most money go deep on one thing first.

How to Identify Talent with Linzee Ciprani

What do the most talented people in the business have in common?

Why is it so great to talk to people about their life stories when you’re interviewing them for a job?

In this clip, you’ll learn about some of the things to look out for when you’re looking for talent.


Linzee also shared on;

  • DISC profiles and how they impact
  • Lead gen tactics that are working for her team
  • Motivation and talent

When it comes to recruiting people, you should see an elevated job track record that exceeds expectations. Talent will show itself when people talk about their life and show that they’ve continued to rise in position and earnings. Having a fire in your belly is necessary in sales, and this is something that shows through in the way someone talks about their life experiences, not in how much money they say they’ve earned.