Thinking BIG: Setting and Attaining BIG Goals in Less Time with Dustin Parker

Thinking BIG: Setting and Attaining BIG Goals in Less Time with Dustin Parker

Many agents miss out on profitable leads because they’re not following up with their lead generation. Is calling a lead five times really enough to get you business? What’s the importance of the team you work in? And can chasing expired leads be profitable for any real estate agent? In this episode, the winner of the Delaware 40 under 40 Award, Dustin Parker talks about his real estate career and some important tips on succeeding in a small yet highly varied market.

We can close the transaction much smoother and much easier with what we know best. -Dustin Parker

Takeaways + Tactics

Building the right team may be the key to success, so always make sure you’re working with people whose views and mission match yours.

80% of business is done between the fifth and twelfth time you contact a lead. If you give up on the fifth call then you will lose a lot of business.

Selling is a lot easier when you engage with the local community. Continued curiosity in your area is essential for success.

While you can pay for a lot of good lead generation software, Facebook has relatively low prices and a great outreach, so use it to its maximum.


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Chase Expireds?

We started off with a conversation about chasing expired leads. Dustin explained how he got started in real estate and how the first experience of chasing expireds was a bit intimidating, however it does get better as you do more of it. He then talked about the team dynamics and the market he works in – showing how even a small market such as Delaware can have a multifaceted real estate identity. We pointed out the importance of continued education and curiosity about real estate and how that can help a business develop. Dustin then explained his main tools for lead generation and how his team is in the center of both the marketing and the appointments in his business. Finally, we discussed how getting involved in the local community can benefit any agent and how lead generation can be scaled up from any point.

We also shared insights on;

  • Competitors’ views of chasing expireds
  • What lead generation means for a new agent
  • The benefits of hiring inexperienced agents
  • Simple marketing through Facebook Live
  • Difference between buyer specialist and a listings approach

Motivation is the Key

Your team and your motivation are the key to your success in real estate. If you don’t work with the right people, then you won’t get the results you need. A strong group impression is key to impressing a potential seller. While not all leads may lead to a sale, you can never know which call will be the golden one that leads you to that appointment. If you fail to chase up on your leads, or give up after one call, then you’re sure to fail. Consistency is key and by putting your name out there, you’ll not only profit financially but you will also make a name for yourself in your local market. Engage with curiosity and a thirst for knowledge and don’t miss out on your chances to utilize the tools available so you can reach your full potential.

Guest Bio

Dustin Parker is the CEO of The Parker Group and the winner of the Delaware 40 under 40 Award. After a successful career in education, Dustin has discovered a real passion for real estate, becoming one of the leading realtors in the state of Delaware. His mission is to make the process of selling a property as easy and enjoyable as possible. The Parker Group incorporates state of the art technology and markets to an expansive, yet targeted group of potential buyers. Apart from his real estate business, Dustin is also involved in many non-profit organizations and is constantly looking for ways to give back to his community. Find out more about Dustin and The Parker Group on

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Top Real Estate Tips with Matt Johnson & Greg McDaniel

Top Real Estate Tips with Matt Johnson & Greg McDaniel

Working in real estate is a constant learning curve. What’s the difference between an objection and a condition of a sale? What are the best tips that’ll help you deal with that one really tough buyer and still make a sale? Should complete domination be our end goal? These were the questions you had – so we answer these and many more in this week’s live Q&A.

Just speak truth – people will recognize that. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

A good, relatable story creates trust and is a surefire way to grab people’s attention.

Don’t overdo scripting over the phone – be yourself.

Identify your niche in the market and dominate it with supreme quality spreading yourself too thin.


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First, we answered a question about the importance of being proactive with your seller and the strengths you can gain with good objection handling. We pinpointed the difference between an objection and a condition and why it’s important to have achievable goals of what you can change in a good deal. Then we discussed the importance of the personal touch and making a sale relatable. This led to a discussion about the use of language in sales, and why going off-script can be beneficial. Towards the end, we gave recommendations for some more resources to listen t

We also shared insights on;

  • Some good advice for a first FSBO listing appointment
  • What a real estate coach can really do for you
  • Battling discount broker competition and making sure you give enough quality
  • Circle prospecting systems, particularly MoJo and Z-Buyer
  • How to make sure you’re the number 1 real estate agent in your niche

Be Prepared!

Staying on top of the real estate market requires a lot of skills, and most of the time it’s a lifelong process of learning. Clients expect you to have all the information they need readily on hand – and you might, but you need to also remember that they don’t know what you know. Capitalizing on your knowledge and focusing on the one key area where you can truly shine is the way to success. If you have big ideas, you need to follow them up with a lot of hard work, however it will all pay off once you’ve got successful sales under your belt.

This content brought to you by Real Estate Uncensored, a sales and marketing training podcast, that gives you actionable ideas, insight, inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom, featuring co-hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson.


Open House Mastery, Working Your Sphere & Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

What can you learn from shadowing an agent at an open house? How many times do you have to call someone to get a deal? If you have an interesting past profession, such as being a firefighter, how can you use this to help you in your career as a realtor? These are just some of the questions we answer in this Q&A episode!

Wherever your source and leads are coming from, spend time in that source. If you spend more time in that source your return is going to be greater. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

When you’re assisting on an open house with an experienced agent, every bit of knowledge is invaluable.

Contact people straight after an open house when they are still excited about it.

80% of your deals will come between the fifth and twelfth contact, so keep going and don’t be afraid of rejection.


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Cold Calling & Rejections

We kicked off the show by talking about what an agent can get from assisting another agent at an open house. We went on to discuss how many rejections you should expect when cold calling people and what tactics to use. We then spoke about how to best utilize your past profession in real estate if it is an interesting one. Greg gave some tips on using video text messages to contact clients and why they work much better than a text or straight up audio message. We finished off by answering a question about agents using discounts and its frequency in the market.

We also shared insights on;

  • How soon you should contact buyers after an open house
  • Using the AM Open House application
  • Why you shouldn’t screw over someone who has invested time and money in you
  • How to pick your broker in an established market
  • How to work your sphere and the importance of gifts
  • The Female Agent Objection and how to work around that

Focus on the Long Term

Your future is something you always have to keep in mind, don’t get too focused on the now business. Focus more on the long-term play and work with whatever makes sense for you in your marketplace. Be comfortable in what you do, whether that be in the way you work your social media, how you contact people or how you act when you meet people. If you are comfortable in your own skin people will learn to trust you and if they trust you they will want to work with you.

This content brought to you by Real Estate Uncensored, a sales and marketing training podcast, that gives you actionable ideas, insight, inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom, featuring co-hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson.


How to Be a Great Consultant with Sales Skills

The real estate market keeps going up, and it’s lulled us into a false sense of security. What can we expect to change? How can we articulate to clients the difference marketing will make if they want to get the highest selling price possible? On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored we answer these questions and other audience questions about door knocking, open houses and interest rates.

You can’t pull someone out of their house, you can only draw and entice them out. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

Marketing is the difference between whether a home sells in the sweet spot, towards a lower end of the market, or the higher end of the market.

There’s a bubble in the American economy somewhere that’s propping up real estate values, but it’s not sustainable.

80% of your business lives between the 5th and 12th call.

Marketing Makes the Difference

At the start of this Real Estate Uncensored episode we answered questions about following up with unrepresented buyers at open houses and buying leads on Zillow. Next, we talked about the importance of not pushing people to sell, but mention the fact that we’re likely to have a market correction soon. Finally, we went on to share the different price ranges a home can sell for.  Sale price range is dependent on whether it’s marketed or just put on the MLS.

Insight was also given on;

  • Our favorite parts about being in real estate
  • The importance of closing the deal only if it’s in the best interest of the client
  • How interest rates are being held artificially low
  • How to do forward work to impress clients

Key Quotes

You want to be a great consultant with sales skills -Matt Johnson

The difference I’ve found for selling at the low end or the high end is the marketing that goes into the property. -Matt Johnson

Be A Consultant To Your Clients

If you try to pull or push a seller out of a house, or you’ll do is push yourself out of a contract. The key thing is to be a consultant who has the ability to sell, but only when it is the best interest of the client. The burden of proof is on us to show value and professionalism. It’s our job to show clients the difference marketing makes.  Marketing helps them achieve their ultimate goal which is selling their home at the best possible price.

This content brought to you by Real Estate Uncensored; a sales and marketing training podcast, that gives you actionable ideas, insight, inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom. Featuring co-hosts Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson.

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