Understanding Broker Relationships & Dealing with Multiple Offers

How do you explain options to clients who want more money for their property than it is worth? What do real estate agents get wrong about brokers and their role in their work? How do you manage your time and make sure you’re putting it to good use? On this Real Estate Uncensored episode, we field a number of questions from the audience. We cover scripts, dialers and lead generation.

You are employed by your client and you need to go and represent their interest with the best knowledge possible. –Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

Don’t ever call a cell phone through an electronic dialer. If you get caught, there is a $16,000 fine attached to every cell number dialed.

In order to have a really good real estate business, you have to spend about three hours a day on lead gen.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding that your broker is there to provide you with leads and that is almost never the case.

Greg’s Favorite Scripts – Prospecting, lead generation, objections handlers and much more. Each script comes with video links to see the script delivered with proper tone and phrasing.

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Dealing With Real Estate Offers

On this episode we shared how to discuss options with someone who bought in a down turn now that the market is in an upswing. We also answered questions on how to deal with clients who say an offer is not high enough. We went on to discuss how to deal with a seller who doesn’t know where they want to move to and how you can help them. We finished off by discussing what brokers actually do and the misconceptions people have about them.

We also gave insight on;

  • Our new podcast Get Now Business coming in May
  • How to manage your time if you only have a limited number of hours a week
  • Mojo versus Vulcan and the pro’s and con’s of electronic dialers
  • Dealing with properties that have multiple offers
  • How to organize your follow ups and how important it is to keep calling

Key Quotes

Essentially your broker is there to give you a place to hang your license and they are counting on you working your sphere to bring in 5, 10 or 15 deals a year. -Matt Johnson

If you’re not good enough, celebrate it. Write down all the things you suck at, and try to become better. -Greg McDaniel

Knowledge & Scripts

There are a whole host of mistakes that agents make when talking to either clients, agents or brokers. You can avoid these pitfalls with the right knowledge and scripts that will be helpful in scenarios where you have to deal with these people. Start using these today to help grow your sphere, and make more positive connections. This way, you can actually generate the leads that will be the engine of your business.

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