How to Take Your First Luxury Listing with Michael LaFido

How to Take Your First Luxury Listing with Michael LaFido

There are so many limiting beliefs in real estate about high end and luxury. What can you do to get that first luxury listing? How do you make sure you’re providing value every step of the way? On this episode, we talk to Michael LaFido, who shares on taking baby steps towards increasing your selling price, how to position a home and get it sold, as well as building a luxury real estate network.

All that potential clients care about is what you’re going to do to solve them time, aggravation, and money./span> -Michael LaFido

Takeaways + Tactics

If you’re starting out from nowhere, leverage your brand and leverage your company because you don’t have the track record.

High end is twice the market average value and luxury is three times the market average value.

You don’t get paid to list them, you get paid to sell them.

Market research is the bad guy.



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One Step At A Time

At the start of the show, Gene Volpe shared his social media tips of the week, including Crowdfire, and the integrated Facebook business inbox. Michael shared on taking baby steps towards increasing your selling price, and how to get over your own limiting mindset. We also talked about why market research is the bad guy, and towards the end of the show we talked about the principle of slight edge.

We also shared insights on;

  • The limiting beliefs people have about high end and luxury real estate
  • The importance of overcoming objections
  • How to build a luxury real estate network
  • How to make yourself a marketing authority

Care + Build Rapport

To succeed in luxury real estate, you have to have your own unique selling proposition of what makes you different. You have to bring so much value that you’re positioning yourself as an authority. It’s your job to position a home and get it sold. Show people that you care, and build rapport. Give so much value, they’d be an idiot to hire someone else.

Guest Bio

Over the past fifteen years, Michael and his team developed a method that takes a more comprehensive, proactive approach to marketing a home. Every property is assessed with the homeowner, and a customizable blueprint to position the home in front of more buyers and brokers is created. Our goal is to create massive exposure and press both online and offline to targeted both buyers, brokers, and influencers worldwide. Michael’s a best selling author and his marketing has been featured worldwide. He is the founder of the nationally recognized “Verified House” Program for home sellers. He is a leading authority in the real estate field and is highly sought after as a national speaker. Go to or email

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