How to Monetize the “NO” Now with Brian Elbojen of Unison

Getting equity for your home with no repayments and flexible financial terms definitely sounds tempting for clients. But how can it benefit real estate agents as well?

Can a simple, one-sentence question really bring you $3,000?

In this clip, Brian Elbogen shares his secret script addition that could end up making you some amazing profit.

We can do things with our co-investment that just borrowing more money doesn’t do. -Brian Elbojen


Takeaways + Tactics

Use a co-investment partner like Unison to help your buyers make better offers or buy a better home without raising their monthly payment.

Working with a co-investor is like having a rich uncle who doesn’t make it awkward at Thanksgiving.

Monetize the 98% of people you meet who aren’t ready to make a move by offering info on co-investing for existing homeowners.

One of the many secrets to success is innovation. A lot of profit often comes from a simple trial and error method and when you find your big thing, then you can utilize it to its full potential. Perhaps co-investment will be the big thing for some of you. It gives you the confidence and reassurance that you are offering a good, reliable service to customers, which not only increases your rapport and creates a valuable agent-client relationship, but it can also earn you a good profit on top of your commission. Additionally, it can also help you capitalize on the no-sellers, who might still want to make some profit from their home ownership. Either way, a key point is to be open to new opportunities, as this will help you foster an innovative, receptive mindset, which in turn will guarantee success for your business.

How to Follow Up On Old Leads with Anthony Manzon

All the best agents have a portfolio of clients they’ve been building up over months, or even years. What’s the best way to talk to someone you met at an open house last year?

Are there any tips or tricks to stay in that conversation and make sure you’re still their top choice?

Anthony Manzon shares his secret to success in talking to past clients and capturing their attention with a simple script.

The transactions are going to happen, whether you’re there or not. -Anthony Manzon


Takeaways + Tactics

Get reviews on Yelp and Google + with parties, raffles and other giveaways, including from anyone you come in contact with in real estate.

To succeed in this business, you have to be in the ZONE, do whatever it takes to put and keep yourself in that zone.

Deals are going to happen with or without you – the goal of lead generation is to put yourself at the intersection when those deals are going to happen.

When you’re in a business as competitive as real estate, it’s imperative to stay afloat by utilizing all the tools you have. Yelp and Google+ are both free and are an essential part of real estate knowledge – use them to their full potential to increase your capital as much as possible. Additionally, working in a good, reliable team is essential for a good agent. Finding people whose skills can help you along the way is invaluable; so make sure to foster those important relationships. Most importantly, stay focused on your goal and know your target market.

How Relatable Stories Can Influence Good Practice

One of the most important parts of a good sale is capturing people’s attention effectively. How can we do this with a relevant personal story?

And what counts as good, relatable example in good practice??

In this short clip, we share experience on how a good personal story can be the quick way into an easy sale.

People need to be hyper-focused in regards to certain actions and business plans instead of being a jack of all trades and master of none. -Greg McDaniel


Takeaways + Tactics

A good, relatable story creates trust and is a surefire way to grab people’s attention.

Don’t overdo scripting over the phone – be yourself.

Identify your niche in the market and dominate it with supreme quality spreading yourself too thin.

Staying on top of the real estate market requires a lot of skills, and most of the time it’s a lifelong process of learning. Clients expect you to have all the information they need readily on hand – and you might, but you need to also remember that they don’t know what you know. Capitalizing on your knowledge and focusing on the one key area where you can truly shine is the way to success. If you have big ideas, you need to follow them up with a lot of hard work, however it will all pay off once you’ve got successful sales under your belt.

The Role of Emotions in Real Estate Marketing with Tom Cafarella

It’s easy to get emotionally involved when it comes to real estate marketing. Why do we need to only regard the numbers and not take sales too personally?

Is it a seller’s job to remember that you’re a real estate agent?

In this clip, Tom shares his view on how to ensure emotions don’t affect your sales in real estate marketing

Trial and error is everything. -Tom Cafarella


Takeaways + Tactics

Keep a big database of potential sales.

Only 1 out of 10 people sell at a discount – know what to do when you meet a discount seller and capitalize on it.

Always take advice with a grain of salt.

Staying afloat in the real estate business requires constant innovation and self-motivation to do better every day. Sellers will expect you to know what’s best for them – and you need to combine that knowledge with what’s best for you as an agent. Don’t miss on opportunities for self-development that could give your business a real boost. Part of real estate is about the technology you use in your marketing, but an even bigger part is the constant strive to do better and reach the maximum limits of your potential.

The Epic 5 Minute Routine with James Colburn

The Epic 5 Minute Routine with James Colburn

What is the routine you should get into the habit of every night?

How does it help you start your day well, and carry that into your business and everything else you do?

In this clip, you’ll learn about the James Colburn’s 5 minute epic evening routine.

If you want to wake up grateful in the morning, how do you set it in motion? You think about it at night. -James Colburn


Takeaways + Tactics

YOU are already enough – you don’t need to chase “enough-ness”.

Freedom happens because you create structure, which builds habits, and those habits create freedom.

Real estate is as simple as talking to people and listening for CHANGE – and social media is a dream scenario for listening for change in people’s lives.

Too often we get lost in the next transaction, and the next deal that we forget about what truly matters. We actually owe it to ourselves to put fulfillment first, and ask the questions that set us up for a successful future. Freedom happens because you create habits, and those habits over time, become things you don’t even have to think about. It’s important to build a life that fulfills you internally. Ask yourself questions at the end of the day, and in the morning, listen for your answer and it will be delivered to you.

How To Pitch Yourself As A New Agent

How do you handle the “why should I go with a new agent instead of a seasoned veteran” objection?

What is a script you can use to show that you will be available and dedicated?

In this clip Glenn Twiddle shares how to show the value you bring, and how to make the pitch effective by quantifying that value.

If you’re going to be unavailable, you have to have great systems that deliver incredible value. -Matt Johnson


Takeaways + Tactics

People hire us to absorb hassle and be there through the emotional process of buying a house.

When you tell people what you offer, quantifying the hard work and your availability makes your pitch more effective.

Handle the, “I want a flat-fee broker” objection by asking them to give you the opportunity to earn your full fee.

The bottom line in real estate is, people want availability. They want someone who can be there for them through a very important time in their life. When you’re a newer agent, availability is one thing you really have going for you, so leverage it. Quantify how dedicated and available you can be. The goal is to overwhelm them with value because there’s no such thing as over-communication. When you bring value, you won’t get as much push back in the form of objections.