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Often, agents lose out on deals when clients think they can buy or sell their properties more easily on their own. How can we make sure our clients know we’re offering a service worthy of their business? What part of our inner game do we need to tweak to start delivering the kind of value that takes us to the top of the game? On this episode, we discuss why offering value is vital for sustained success. 

If you think a buyer is trying to cut you out of a deal, get them on the phone. Don’t tell them things: ask them things. Get them to think about aspects they’ve never considered and they’ll realize why they need a buyer’s agent.  – Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Educate clients by asking them questions. This gets them to think about buying and selling in a way they never have before, and shows we have the expertise they need.
  • It’s not enough to presume we’re worthy of great commissions- we have to earn our keep. We need to constantly bring value to the table if we want to generate revenue. 
  • We have to stop underestimating our power. Our inner game dictates our success, so if we believe we hold no authority, we’ll only do ourselves a disservice.

There’s an easy way to stop ourselves from being cut out of deals. If we just knuckle down and offer clients amazing value, we’ll become an obvious choice. Get clients to start thinking differently about real estate, and we’ll position ourselves as authority figures in the market. Most importantly, we need to believe we’re capable of it. Our inner game affects every part of our lives- let’s start believing we’re capable of delivering great value.

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