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For newer agents, the biggest challenge is getting those first leads going in order to get your first deal. How can we create opportunities to get in front of potential clients? How can we do open houses well? How can you build pieces into your business to increase your chances of getting a deal? On this episode, Colemere Realty leader, Bryan Colemere shares on how to work your way towards your first deal. 

Don’t let the fear of not knowing stop you from making the call or holding the open house. -Bryan Colemere 

Takeaways + Tactics

  • If you’re struggling and need to get the business going, hold an open house. 
  • Other agents are not your competition, they are your salesforce. Look at them as a gateway to more clients. 
  • Don’t think you have to be fastened to your desk to get business. Take part in your hobbies and social events and make sure people know that you’re in real estate.

Even as a new agent, you have access to many people who can help lead you to your very first deal. The first thing you need to do is really zone into your sphere of influence and start letting them know what you do. Don’t be afraid to make calls, hold open houses and making sure your community knows that you’re in real estate. It might seem challenging to get that first result, but if you leverage your time wisely and employ different tools, you can get results. 

Guest Bio 

Bryan is a Real Estate agent for Colemere Realty Associates in East Sandy, Utah To get in touch email and to get access to training material, go to

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