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Online lead generation works but is costly for both teams and individual agents. How can we increase our chances of converting online leads by using online reviews? Why shouldn’t we invest in online leads if we’re expecting an immediate sale? Why do we need to let people know what we do for a living more often? In this episode, Jordan Sibley talks about online and offline lead generation.

Prospecting hasn’t changed in 50 years. You still have to get in front of people. You still have to pick up the phone. -Jordan Sibley

Three Things We Learned

Many buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

Online reviews matter. Just think about it—each time you want to buy something, you probably look at what others are saying about it. The best way to increase your number of positive reviews is to ask satisfied customers for them.

Internet leads are long-term leads

Very rarely do internet leads turn out to be instant sales. Most people who are looking for homes online do so months before they actually buy or sell a property. As a consequence, you have to build a nurturing system and stick around them until the incubation time is over, and you must also be there for them when they finally decide to make a move.

Let everyone know what you do for a living

Don’t let others wonder what you do for a living. Wear a branded t-shirt. Use an email signature that mentions that you work in real estate. Everywhere you go, find a way to send the message that you’re an agent.

Key Quotes

Don’t dump all of your savings in online leads expecting all of them to buy or list now. -Jordan Sibley

As soon as you get to be obnoxious, that’s when people will start to listen. Before that, they just won’t hear you. There’s so much noise. -Greg McDaniel

Instead of wasting money on Facebook advertising, as everyone else does, go to a place with less competition. The best way to get free leads is to meet with people face to face or make calls. Subscribing to a list of expireds makes it easier for you to persuade the person on the other end of the call because they already showed interest in selling a home. A dialer can help you in your prospecting efforts as well.

Guest Bio

Jordan Sibley is a residential Realtor and the lead Buyer Specialist at The Sibley Group. Her background in marketing enabled her to gain a better understanding of generating leads, both online and offline, for her team. Jordan is currently active in Slidell and Metairie, Louisiana.

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