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During market shifts is when the creativity of agents is put to the test. How can we stand out at times when the market experiences a slowdown? Are face-to-face conversations still effective for generating leads? Why shouldn’t we hide ourselves behind social media advertising? In this episode, we talk about creative, random ways to generate leads.

The most random lead generation tactic is saying hi to other people. -Greg McDaniel

Three Things We Learned

Facebook and LinkedIn groups

Local Facebook and LinkedIn groups can serve as a good opportunity for you to get known by other members of your community and establish yourself as “the agent” in the area. You can do so by sharing news or updates about what’s happens in your neighborhood without delving too much into real estate.

Make it a part of your routine to have conversations with people

The less personal your way of communicating, the more time and people you have to connect with. As a result, the most powerful way to connect with others is face-to-face. No amount of social media advertising can replace genuine human connections. Look around you, strike conversations more often, and always carry a business card.

Offer something of value with your brand on it

Having a white label book with your name on it, an ebook, or even a brochure that has information of interest for your leads serves as good introduction. Having something that’s deliverable is your opportunity to establish yourself as an expert and impress.

Key Quotes

Having something that is a deliverable to them with your brand all over it is probably one of the best ways to create value. -Greg McDaniel

The less personal, the less removed from belly to belly to someone, the less effective communication is. -Matt Johnson

The most successful business owners aren’t reactive when it comes to lead generation. They look at who they want to work with and get proactive about finding ways to connect with them. Don’t wait for a third-party service to offer you leads. Put together a routine with a goal low enough so you can be motivated to do it every day and become more proactive about your lead generation tactics. For some it may be conversations, while for others it may be door knocking. Find what suits your personality best and chase the people you would like to work with.

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