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You can’t stand out by doing what everyone else does. What’s the best way to get started in your journey of becoming a local rockstar? What are the small changes you can make to convince your clients appreciate you more? How can you stay in touch with potential clients or people in your database without being intrusive? In this episode, we talk about serving people better, becoming less intrusive, and how to slowly become the face of real estate in your community.

Make yourself stand out so when they think of real estate, they think of you.- Greg McDaniel

Three Things We Learned

Don’t advise your clients based on your wants and needs

If you want people to remember you in a good light, build a positive reputation, and stay in touch with your past clients, you have think of them first. You have to be honest. When you get asked questions about where the market is going or if they should wait to sell or buy, you have avoid giving advice that doesn’t work in their interest.

Don’t be intrusive

If a seller postpones a sale, your best bet is finding a less intrusive way to remind him or her about your existence. For example, you can stay in touch with a potential client by mailing a send out card with a small gift. Few people go that far to stand out, especially when there might be no return on their investment. As a result, you will get remembered by your potential clients because no other agents are willing to walk the extra mile.

Brainstorm new ways to market yourself

Because some marketing tactics work, we all tend to do the same thing. The end result? The marketing message gets diluted and you don’t stand out in your market. You’re just doing what everyone else is doing. Explore ways to promote yourself that are creative and unexplored by other agents. One example would be Youtube ads.

Key Quotes

You can always find a stat that predicts that real estate is going up, but that doesn’t mean it always is. -Matt Johnson

Look at the history. It will tell you something about the future. -Greg McDaniel

No matter how creative you are at promoting yourself and getting in front of people, if you don’t do your job right, you will only attract people that will end up ruining your reputation. The first step is to get creative about marketing yourself. But what makes the difference is how you advise your clients and whether you make them feel great after a purchase, after they sold their home, or if they feel like they get ripped off by an agent who chased a commission. Great promotion tactics and great service have to go hand-in-hand for you to become a mini real estate celebrity in your area.

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