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Building relationships with your database is a far more pleasant experience for both sides than cold calling, sending emails, or trying to use any of the traditional marketing methods. But how can we genuinely touch lives and build relationships? Why isn’t social media alone enough to make this happen? And why is sending out cards such a powerful way to make people remember you? In this episode, Kody Bateman, the CEO of Send out Cards, speaks about relationship marketing and how you can transform the way you succeed through relationships.

If you act on your promptings, they will guide you on where you are supposed to go with your life. – Kody Bateman

Three Things We Learned

Social media diluted the meaning of personal messages

Most people are inundated with marketing on social media. Your audience is probably too, and they expect certain messages from the people they do business with as well. But this only dilutes the message because it’s well known those messages are impersonal and sent with a specific goal in mind: to sell.

Send-out cards work because they are tangible

After the appearance of social media, there was a huge shift. Many marketers thought they can use social media alone to keep in touch with their database. But they soon found out that social media is not enough, that people need something tangible to bond with. What social media has done is create more noise.

You can touch people’s lives

A drip campaign or a quarterly call doesn’t touch people on the same level as send-out cards do. You can put a smile on somebody’s face and make them feel appreciated when they need it the most just by making a small gesture like sending out a card.

Key Quotes

Social media created more noise, more information. Today more than ever before, you have to find a way to separate yourself from other people. – Kody Bateman

To stay relevant is to stay personal, and this is what cards can do. – Greg McDaniel

Social media and send-out cards can work together. For example, you will need social media to find out when important events happen in your audience’s lives in order to connect with them. You can also take photos from their social media accounts to print out your cards, especially if you write a card to congratulate them on a specific life event. This type of marketing not only allows you to contact people in a way that other agents don’t, but it also helps relationships. It’s a more pleasant process for both sides than cold calls or drip campaigns.

Guest Bio

Kody Bateman is the founder and CEO of Send out Cards, an internationally recognized public speaker, and marketing and personal development specialist. He is a leading figure in relationship marketing and the author of The Power of Human Connection, a book that will be launched in August this year, but if you pre-order it now, you qualify for a free download of the digital version. You can find out more about him, his other books, and events at

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