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Leads might be easy to get, but they’re harder to convert due to the fact that in the online environment everyone is bombarded with ads. What can you do to sound less salesy and stand out among other ads? How can you humanize your interactions, and what role does video marketing play in it? Why is the cost per click no longer relevant in the big picture? In this episode, James Rembert talks about how you can lethal with Facebook lead gen.

My conversation digitally has to be as if I were in front of a person. – James Rembert

Three Things We Learned

Humanize your interactions

If it sounds salesy to you, it probably sounds salesy to someone else as well. Because people in general are bombarded with so many ads and promotional content, they develop a filter and get better at telling when someone is simply trying to push a sale.

Video content can reveal who your audience is

Know who your audience is and write to them. Be authentic but speak their language. If you use video, your audience will let you know who they are, as they will be the ones who comment, share, and engage with you.

Don’t look at the cost per click

Agents should stop looking at the cost per click and start calculating the cost per conversation. Both buyers and sellers are more likely to work with the agent they last spoke with. Putting up landing pages and grabbing emails is not enough if you fail to start a conversation with them.

Key Quotes

Facebook is a number’s game when you understand the numbers. – James Rembert

Know who your audience is and write to them. Be authentic to who you are and stand for but speak their language. – Greg McDaniel

Facebook makes it very easy for anyone to get leads. It’s a sophisticated platform where you can be quite specific about what type of person should see you ad. However, there’s a catch: Facebook leads are often useless. Because everyone is bombarded with advertising, they develop a defense mechanism against salesy language. As a consequence you have to go a step further and get in contact with your leads, build a relationship with them, and interact with your them as you would speak to someone face-to-face. Cost per click is no longer relevant when clicks by themselves are quite far away from conversions. What becomes a better metric for agents is the cost per conversation.

Guest Bio

James Rembert is the Zillow Killer. Using Facebook, he provides marketing solutions to real estate agents who want to get high-quality leads without investing large amounts of money in platforms like Zillow. You can find out more about James and his work at

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