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Building a team is more than giving them leads and the access to technology. How do you help your team stay on top of things and continue to be productive? What happens when you find out that a small majority does all the work? What do you think should be the selling point of a leader who is looking to hire more agents? In this episode, Lee Barrison shares his experience and tactics that helped him build and nurture a superstar team.

If an agent has call reluctance, one of the first things I tell them to do is to call 5 people that like you, know you, trust you, and want to do business with you. -Lee Barrison

Three Things We Learned

Don’t leave your agents wondering what they should do next

Create a curriculum for new agents. Make them memorize the scripts and learn the systems. Next, give them an everyday schedule organized by hours. Don’t leave them wondering what they should do next, as it wastes time and scatters their efforts.

Keep only the agents that bring value

At some point, any teams end up having 20% of their agents doing 80% of the work. When this happens, identify the underachievers and have a talk with them. Look for their strengths and weaknesses, and find out their fears. Give them a 30 day learning plan to improve. If they don’t stick to the plan and fail to make at least one sale per month, let them go.

Providing leads shouldn’t be your selling point

Many agents are attracted to the idea that a team leader will bring them leads. But this creates a relationship of codependency. If the team leader gets out of the business, the agents are doomed. They don’t know how to generate lead sources by themselves. Don’t make leads your selling point. Anyone can provide leads. Give them the coaching necessary to make it in any setting without leads coming from you.

Key Quotes

People don’t want to follow you because you are the boss. They want to follow you because you lead. -Greg McDaniel

The first step to freedom is to make the step from a buyer’s agent to a listing agent. – Matt Johnson

Many team leaders are afraid of sharing all of their knowledge with their agents. But if they avoid doing so, everyone has to lose. If you provide your team with leads only, you will always have to be there, monitoring everyone. But if you train them to become leaders themselves, you can step out of production at some point, simply because you created a system that can function in your absence. Agents won’t leave you as long as you provide the tools and culture anyone would love to be part of.

Guest Bio

Lee Barrison has over 11 years of experience and has closed over 600 transactions during his career. He is currently the Owner and lead coach at Intero Commercial in Bakersfield. If you if you want to join his team, you can contact Lee on his Facebook or via email at

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