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Low achievers ask themselves what can they change about themselves to make their work better. High achievers ask themselves how the job requirements can be changed so they can work on what they are best at. Does having awareness of your own strengths mean there is no place for adjustments? How can a sales agent identify personality types and use communication to speak on the language of his clients? On this episode, Jay Niblick, the CEO of Wize Hire, speaks about the D.I.S.C profile and how agents and team leaders can take advantage of this knowledge, both in their business and personal life.

It’s not that you shouldn’t try to grow; it’s not that you shouldn’t always try to improve, but what are the raw materials that you have? -Jay Niblick

Three Things We Learned

Read feedback and mirror the communication style of your clients

Understand how you process things and how you prefer to communicate, and then move on understanding others as well. Your job as an agent is to walk the client all the way through and speak their language. Find out what makes them most comfortable and mirror their communication style, even if is not like yours. You don’t have to change as a person, but you have to understand that in sales it’s all about by reading feedback and being on the same wavelength.

The myth of being capable of doing anything

We work with our raw materials. Being optimistic and driven is excellent, but you are better off not pushing your limits in areas that don’t use your natural talents. You might be able do do it, which is quite rare, but you are going to hate the process anyway You don’t have to be good at everything in order to succeed. Just work on improving the areas in which you have some raw talents.

The jacks of all trades

There is a category of people who are more flexible. They can fit into a larger variety of roles because they don’t score high on anything. They are somewhere in the middle, and it’s easier for them to be flexible about it.

Key Quotes

Most people have one strength, and if you get them in that lane, they are going to be awesome. -Matt Johnson

But no matter what you are on your own time, you have to remember you need to get that out and get into your role, your role as a real estate agent. -Greg Mcdaniel

A common theme found in low performers is looking inside when something is not going as expected on the job. They ask themselves how they can improve and what is wrong with them. This not only channels all of their energy towards their weaknesses, but it also puts them in a negative mindset, the idea that there is something broken about them. On the other hand, high performers ask themselves how the job requirements can be changed to allow them to use their raw talents. They don’t blame themselves. Instead, they try to find out what they are best at and ignore the tasks they know they can’t do properly.

Guest Bio

Jay Niblick is the founder of Wize Hire, a real estate recruiting software with a data-driven approach to the hiring process. He matches companies with the perfect candidate based on behaviour, communication style, and values. If you want to find out more about your own D.I.S.C profile, what kind of roles suit you, and what your values and communication are, you can take a free personality test at

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